3 Ways How Small Business Social Media Marketing Works

3 Ways How Small Business Social Media Marketing Works

Social media marketing is no longer a nice idea, it’s a must. The rise of online social networks, and the increase in their popularity around the world, has been phenomenal indeed, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. People use them for all the normal “social” reasons, such as staying in touch with friends and family, sharing photos and videos, finding new people to socialize with etc. And then there are a few unique instances, such as screening potential employees, recruitment drives, and marketing campaigns. But what about the reasons that a business owner might care about?

Social media has proven to be an exceptionally powerful marketing tool, especially for small and home-based businesses. It has leveled the playing field, somewhat, allowing small businesses to compete with the leaders in their particular industry. It can help you establish your business in the market, survive, sustain, and even to grow profitably and successfully. Social networks have a plethora of advantages and provide endless opportunities.

1) Extensive Marketing Reach

What does a small business need the most? To be seen, known, and to be visible! And that is exactly what social media offers. It allows tremendous marketing potential on a global scale, with no thought to national or geographic boundaries. You could be located in a remote, small town in rural United States, and still be able to market to right in your backyard, or the inverse, around the globe.  With social media, you can put your company on the map, making certain you are seen by the people you care about, all the time.

2) Staying In Touch With Past Clients

The advantages of social media do not end with just basic marketing to generate leads and customers. It helps with the next step as well: cultivating the relationship established and staying in touch with the customers. With the help of social networks, you can actively engage with your customers and target audience, receiving suggestions and criticism in the process. This can help you portray a more personal connection with each customer, and find out where and how you need to improve.

3) Return Of The Customer

For various businesses, especially small businesses, returning customers are the key to long term success. These businesses rely on the quality they deliver instead of making a huge amount of sales. Using social media to your advantage, you can improve your odds of getting return customers and of being more successful.


The three reasons listed above are but the tip of the iceberg. If used intelligently and creatively, social media can provide you with a myriad of small business marketing advantages, spurring your company on to ever new heights of profitability and success.

Social media has a lot to offer — but you can’t cut corners. If you don’t have time to dedicate yourself, we’re always here to help!
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Updated on 10/10/17; originally published 10/1/13.