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7 Facebook Post Ideas for Insurance Agents

Travis Balinas
December 9, 2015

Times have changed for insurance agents when it comes to marketing, and social media is a big part of the new picture. While it’s not necessarily a new business driver, it’s a must-have aspect of marketing that helps maintain relationships with your policyholders and ensures long-term customer value. It also helps keep you top of mind, and you know how important that is for referral business!

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Facebook, in particular, deserves a serious chunk of an insurance agent’s marketing attention since it’s the most popular social media platform. In fact, 71 percent in the U.S. log on to Facebook. But what do followers want to see on their agent’s Facebook page?

Many insurance agents who struggle with this question fall into one of three categories:

  • They tried Facebook, put in minimal effort and stopped because they didn’t “see results.”
  • They post only the content their parent company sends for them to use.
  • They just aren’t that familiar with how Facebook works and truly don’t know where to start.


Don’t miss out on the power of Facebook for your business due to these or other factors. Here are seven of the most effective types of posts for insurance agents, including examples from professionals across the country. Put a variety of these to use to enjoy a well-rounded Facebook presence.

1. Articles

If you only post about bundling discounts, it’s easy to understand why your page doesn’t get a ton of engagement. People are on Facebook to be entertained, not sold to. Instead, offer up advice and information to your Facebook followers by finding and posting interesting articles that are written by others. Think of yourself as a thought leader bringing interesting and relevant information to your fans.


Via Mark McDuffie Insurance Agency Facebook

Via Harry Levine Insurance Facebook

2. Comments & Quotes

Sharing comments and inspirational quotes that move you gives your Facebook followers insight into your personality. But don’t go overboard and turn every post into your opinion. Stay reader-focused, thinking about what they would find interesting and pertinent to their lives.


Via Jessie McConchie State Farm Facebook

Via Joe Schneider Allstate Insurance Facebook

Via Brian Harvey American Family Insurance Facebook

3. Photos

At least once a week, post a photo on your Facebook page. Whether it’s an image from a community event your agency participated in or a beautiful photo you captured over the weekend, these posts personalize your brand image and make your business more socially approachable.


Via James Lundin Insurance Agency Facebook

Via Deatria Walker State Farm Agent Facebook

4. Expert Advice

As an insurance agent, you have a lot more expertise and life advice to offer than you might realize. One way to make the most of your Facebook page is by sharing your knowledge about policies and related areas. Educate your policyholders about animal-related crashes in a digestible way, for example, or remind them how important life insurance really is with a staggering statistic. Posts like these are great conversation starters that you can use throughout the year.



Via Brian Harvey American Family Insurance Facebook

5. Humor

Why do you get on Facebook? Most of the time, you’re looking for a few moments of entertainment. Funny images, memes, and videos are easy recipes for a good laugh, plus they keep you top of mind with your followers in the process.


Via H. Levenbaum Insurance Agency Facebook

Via Harry Levine Insurance

6. Holiday Greetings

Because Facebook is all about social engagement and interaction, it makes sense that the holidays pack a big, effective punch. Use this to your advantage; post a photo of your company’s holiday party or send out some holiday cheer to your followers in a thoughtful message. And don’t forget to acknowledge other important days as well!


Via Kevin Greco State Farm Agent Facebook

Via James Lundin Insurance Agency

7. Dogs

It’s hard not to win over a follower with a fun photo of a furry friend. Dog images provide a surefire way to capture the hearts (and likes) of your insurance page’s following. Whether you brought your dog to work or came across one throughout your day, snap that pic and share away!


Via Allstate Insurance Joe Schneider Facebook


Via Mark McDuffie Insurance Facebook
What other types of Facebook posts have you found to be successful for your agency? Feel free to share your experience and links to your page in the comment section below.


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Updated on 12/9/15; originally published 3/11/14.

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