Don't Make These Biggest Email Marketing Mistakes
biggest email marketing mistakes

Don’t Make These Biggest Email Marketing Mistakes

We want our blog to provide you with as many marketing “how to’s” and helpful information as we can. During our many years of experience helping thousands of clients grow their business and name recognition, we’ve also seen more than a few businesses making the same mistakes. Here are a few of the biggest email marketing mistakes businesses should avoid.

1. Not embracing mobile

Everyone is on their phones all the time. One study found Americans check their phones 80 times a day! With that increased screen time means more multitasking on the go, like writing and reading emails. In fact, 56% of emails are now opened on mobile devices and the majority of the most used email clients are found only on mobile devices or tablets. Check it out:

biggest email marketing mistakes

Data courtesy of Litmus

Takeaway: Mobile email use is growing exponentially. Ignoring that reality is absolutely one of the biggest email marketing mistakes. Make sure your emails are mobile friendly or your message will be lost on the majority of your audience.

2. Not testing

What’s that saying about insanity? Something along the lines of “doing the same action repeatedly and hoping for a different outcome.” This applies to your email campaigns as well. If you send the same content month over month to the same people, your email marketing will not benefit your business. Testing doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. Try some new subject lines, add an extra image or two, or send your emails on a different day.

Takeaway: Change can be good. Make small changes and see what helps increase engagement.

3. Not measuring your efforts

You got your email newsletter put together, looked it over, and sent it out to your subscribers. Great job! But what did you do next? Do you know your open rates? Did anyone respond to your call to action? Without this information, you’re basically spinning your wheels. (This also applies to testing – did your change accomplish what you hoped?)

biggest email marketing mistakes

Takeaway: If you’re going to make an effort with email marketing (and you absolutely should), make sure you know how your audience is responding to the content.

4. Not automating

Many people choose automation to save time and resources that would be otherwise dedicated to crafting emails, posting on social media, and measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns. OutboundEngine creates content for your network and alerts you when customers engage. If you’re considering making the move to marketing automation, check out a free demo.

Takeaway: Marketing automation helps keep marketing tasks from ending up on the backburner. OutboundEngine nurtures your current network and helps keep you top of mind with customers.

5. Not sending them!

Most of all, not having an email marketing strategy is at the top of the list of the biggest email marketing mistakes you could make. 72% of people choose email as their preferred form of communication. If you don’t send emails, you’re missing the mark for 3/4 of your audience.

If you need help with your email marketing OutboundEngine is here for you. Download our Email Marketing Roadmap below and learn the right way to use email to grow your business.


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