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Fastest Growing Startups in Austin, TX from 2013

Travis Balinas
December 9, 2013

Last week, Mattermark released a list of the fastest growing startups in Austin, TX. We were pleased to see that OutboundEngine was ranked 5th on this top 7 list. You can view the results below.

With their platform, Mattermark takes many data points and quantifies the growth signals of over 150,000+ private companies. The end result is that Mattermark is then able to provide VC’s with data to help determine what companies are growing and which ones could potentially be lucrative. In an interview with CEO Danielle Morrill, she said that her goal was “to create a company that is the equivalent of Bloomberg for startups; providing investors with the tools to discover, research and track startups.”

We’re very thrilled to be featured on this list of the fastest growing startups in Austin and also would like to congradulate our other local startup who also made this list:

  1. COINTERRA – Bitcoin mining ASIC processors and systems.
  2. TrustRadius – Professional software reviews and comparison community.
  3. WP Engine – Fully-managed WordPress hosting.
  4. Mass Relevance – Social experience platform for brands and media.
  5. OutboundEngine – Fully automated email, social media, and content marketing for small businesses.
  6. OwnLocal – Digital ad agency.

If you’re interested in learning more about OutboundEngine, feel free to check out our website and watch our video overview.

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