Instaguide: How to Use Instagram for Business

Instagram has given users and businesses a unique social network, stripping out a multitude of features other social networks have and focusing on only the visual. It’s a relaxed network where users want to be entertained through gorgeous scenery, cool activities and visually appealing snapshots of life.

Instagram has been around for five years now and has more than 300 million active monthly users worldwide, making it a solid network to join. However, you can’t simply start posting and expect results; you need to have a strategy that doesn’t scream “selling” or over-promoting your business.

Understanding these nuances of this network will help you understand how to use Instagram for business and build a popular presence that shares the unique essence of your brand through photos and videos.

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What you’ll learn:

1 - How to Use Instagram for Business1) What Is Instagram and Why Should My Business Care?

Unless you’re already using Instagram in your personal life, as straightforward as taking and posting picture might be, there’s a lot to learn about the network itself. Get the basics covered and then work on a business strategy.


2 - How to Use Instagram for Business2) How Could/Should My Business Use Instagram?

What’s the story you want your brand to tell? Positioning yourself can be challenging, but I’ll show you how several well-known brands use Instagram to their advantage. These examples can help you decide how to approach your strategy.


3 - How to Use Instagram for Business3) Tips on Account Setup

Setting up an account is straightforward; however, much like other social networks, the space you’re given is limited. First impressions are crucial and you have to make every pixel count.


4 - How to Use Instagram for Business4) What Do Businesses Post on Instagram?

Most businesses have an easily understood theme behind their posts. Creating consistency with your profile helps people know what they can  expect from following your account.


5 - How to Use Instagram for Business5) Instagram Post Ideas from Other Businesses

And lastly, some of the best ways to figure out what to post is through example. I’ve packed this guide full of Instagram business examples to help you visualize how you can make the most of  this network for your own company. 

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Travis Balinas

Travis is the former Product Marketing Manager at OutboundEngine. He now works in Product Marketing at BigCommerce.