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Insurance Agents: 8 Signs You Should Call That Client or Prospect

Haley Martensen
October 30, 2017
signs you should call that client or prospect

These days, our cell phones are always within reach. This means communicating with clients and prospects is easier than ever for insurance agents. You can send an email, text message or comment on one of the multitudes of social media platforms – all from your phone.

It’s tempting to follow up with one of the many other means of communication, but 83% of people believe speaking to someone on the phone for customer service will always be important. As an insurance agent, if you want to make a personal connection and get right in front of a client or prospect, you should use the tried and true method of making a call.

Here are 8 signs that you should pick up the phone and call an insurance client or prospect:

signs you should call that client or prospect

1. They call you first.

If you want to keep your customers satisfied, you have to call them back if you miss their call. Every missed call that isn’t followed up with is a missed opportunity. Whether that’s a potential deal or a chance to build a client relationship, both are important for your business.

If they took the time to call you, why wouldn’t you call them back?

2. They fill out a contact/information request form.

If a client or prospect reaches out to you via an online form, give them a call. It may be easier to send an email, but that’s limited and requires a back and forth. A phone call is more personal and allows for immediate dialogue and exchanging of ideas. The conversation can happen in real time and much more naturally than if you are relying on written communication.

Also, more than half of a listing’s page views happen through mobile devices rather than desktops. This means if you respond quickly to these form requests, you have a better chance of reaching them on the first try.

3. They’ve opened four or five of your recent email newsletters.

The average person receives 122 emails per day, yet the insurance industry open rate is only 38%. This is to say that if your email newsletters are being opened consistently, your campaigns are working.

If your client is scrolling through a large number of emails they receive each day and has consistently opened a handful of yours, that means they value what you’re sending and find it important. Don’t let that opportunity slip away. With email tracking, you can gather information on who is opening your emails, when, how often and on what type of device. Use this information to pick up the phone with a topic of conversation in mind that you know has piqued your client’s interest. You never know where this conversation may lead.

4. They are referred.

92% of consumers trust personal recommendations above all other forms of advertising. So when you receive referral business, the odds are already in your favor. Why wouldn’t you follow up?

Also, chances are the client who referred you will follow up and may be offended if they find out you never reached out to their friend, neighbor or family member.

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5. They’ve replied to a couple of your email newsletters about topics indirectly related to your business.

This is very much like the sign of opening several of your emails. However, here the client has taken out all of the guesswork and directly told you something they are interested in. Take the time to give them a call and follow up with more information on the topic or to get their opinion on it.

6. They have a known issue.

Sending an email in response to a complicated issue or upset or confused customer comes with risks. It can be difficult to interpret tone and intention in emails. Not to mention the unnecessary back and forth that comes with this communication channel. Play it safe and give them a call instead.

Besides, 46% of customers prefer to talk to customer service on the phone about complicated issues. Make sure your clients know you want to help resolve any issues they may be having. Pick up the phone so they can hear the genuine concern and urgency in your voice. Make sure they know you care.

7. They visit the pricing page or FAQ page of your website.

If a prospect has been poking around on your website to get more information or learn specifically about pricing, they may only need one final push to seal the deal.

There are several services such as Google Analytics that provide great insight into page views, click-throughs etc. However, you can also get this data connected to specific users with lead-capture forms. Tools such as HubSpot or Clicky are free options for this service. By using these tools you can better gauge customer or prospect behavior and decide who to call and when.

8. They interact with you on social media, whether that’s liking your posts or retweeting your tweets.

Social media is not a place to just dump content and then ignore it. You should be monitoring your social media, responding to comments, messages, and reviews. This is another great way to engage with your client base and influence the conversation around your brand and business.

It is also a great way to find and take advantage of opportunities. If you notice someone consistently liking, commenting or sharing the same type of content, pick up the phone and follow up. Strike up a conversation about the topic of interest and ask questions to help you personalize and improve the content you’re sharing already.


If you want to grow your insurance business, meet your clients and prospects where they are: on their phones! Keep the lines of communication open and don’t be afraid to pick up the “old-fashioned” phone. You never know where a conversation can go.

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Last Updated: 10/24/2018; Originally Published: 10/20/2017.

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