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Case Study

Natty Rios-Sipes

RE/MAX Gold Coast

Driving Customer Engagement with Professional Content

“OutboundEngine helps me stay in touch with my clients so they keep coming back.”


Natty started her career with RE/MAX in Ventura California 3 years ago when she joined her husband’s agency. “I built my network by meeting people at open houses and asking for referrals. I wasn’t afraid to cold call people or knock on doors when I started out. I built a network of current and past clients, but I needed a way to stay in touch. I would see my competitors using social media, and I lost some of my clients because they went with agents who were more active online. They’d search for homes and end up working with another realtor. That prompted me to check into online marketing,” says Natty.


“I spend a lot of my time staying in touch with people,” says Natty. “It’s an everyday thing for me -sending emails, text messages and visiting with past clients. I’m exploring social media with OutboundEngine. I’ve had people call me, and I see people trying to get engaged by asking different real estate questions. I like that I can see who’s opening the emails regularly so I can reach out. During R4 I met the OutboundEngine team, and we walked through the product and talked about best practices for my business.”


“My business relies on staying in touch and being visible,” says Natty. “OutboundEngine keeps me in front of my clients and gives me something unique and interesting to share to engage my community. I think you have a great product. When someone opens the emails or visits my social sites, I look professional. OutboundEngine shows more of what I do in a professional way, and that’s exactly what I want.”

Customer Highlights
  • 6 years real estate experience
  • Media & communications background
  • Based in Oxnard, California
Company Highlights
  • 8 branch offices and 230+ agents
  • Founded in 1990
  • Headquartered in Ventura, California

Bottom line

Natty needed a way to stay in touch with her past clients and increase her online visibility, so she didn’t lose clients to her competitors. OutboundEngine sends professional and engaging content on her behalf so her customers can always find her.

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