Case Study

Jessica Belanger

Licensed Realtor

RE/MAX Suburban

Nurturing Your Contacts With OutboundEngine

“I don’t have the time to call everyone in my network. OutboundEngine keeps my information in front of my clients, when they have questions all they have to do is hit reply.”


Jessica started her path in real estate 10 years ago just after the market crashed. “I had just moved to a new area in Michigan and was in orientation with my accounting firm when they said we have to let you go,” says Jessica. As a working mom she decided to try her hand at real estate. “After working the front desk for 5 years I got my real estate license. My first year I sold 3-4 houses without trying too hard and the next year I doubled it, and then doubled it again. RE/MAX recruited me and educated me on how to really run my business in order to be successful. I now have a buyers agent, and a part time assistant working for me and I’m looking to hire again. The average turn around for a client in Michigan is 5-7 years,” says Jessica. “I’m data driven so once a month I would cycle through my leads and spot check to see if they were still looking. Every time I checked, 1 or 2 would have closed with someone else. I called a few of them and asked what I could have done differently. Often I’d hear ‘We lost your card’ or ‘We weren’t sure if you were still in real estate.’ I realized if I didn’t keep my name in front of people they’d purchase from someone else. I had 1500 contacts, there was no way I could call all of them and consistently follow up.”


“I attended Momentum training from RE/MAX and they spoke about nurturing your database. OutboundEngine was exactly what I was looking for. The newsletters keep me top of mind with my network so I can offer more VIP service. I’m not selling a house I’m selling a relationship,” says Jessica.


“The content is great, people respond to it. You recently sent a newsletter about changes in the market and I had a client email me back asking for a home report. His home had appreciated and he was ready to sell. OutboundEngine keeps me in front of my entire network so I can continue to grow my business,” says Jessica. “I like being able to log in and see who’s most engaged. I work with an investor who is a nice guy but he doesn’t really want to communicate the way most of my VIP clients traditionally do. I can see that he opens every single newsletter. I know he’ll think of me the next time he wants to invest in a property. That gives me peace of mind.”

Bottom line

Jessica needed a way to stay in front of her network as she expanded her business. OutboundEngine sends emails twice a month that start conversations and keep her clients coming back.

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