Case Study

Keith Myers

President & Relocation Director

RE/MAX Olson & Associates

Attracting Key Talent With OutboundEngine

“OutboundEngine is a consistent message that continues to remind people I’m here. It shows potential agents we have a professional way of utilizing social media, and it solidifies our brand. For me, OutboundEngine warms up the call so my name is familiar to the agents I’m calling.”


Keith Myers has been an active real estate broker since 1984. As an agent, he sold over 1200 homes before partnering with the owner of his brokerage to expand their business. Today he is the sole owner of five RE/MAX offices, with over 200 agents. He works hard to attract experienced agents who are outperforming others in the industry.

Keith attracts top-notch agents by going above and beyond to make sure they have the support they need with perks like an on-site staff attorney and online marketing services. He marries support with freedom for his agents. He wants them to be highly productive and free to do what they need to do. This is mirrored in every aspect of Keith’s business, including his management staff.

Problem: Not Enough Time For Marketing

As an owner, Keith’s time is valuable. He aims to speak with five of his agents each day. As an additional part of his growth strategy, he makes 10 to 20 calls per day to connect with five new agents. He repeats this four days a week, calling agents he’s met at open houses, events and those consistently reading his emails.


The best part about OutboundEngine for Keith is that he can let it run. He logs in once a month or so to check his open and click-through rates. Potential agents are contacted a few ways with parallel messages. He doesn’t expect agents to see an email and sign up, but he knows the value of staying top of mind.

Bottom line

Keith has too much on his plate keeping in touch with his existing agents, and had no time to reach out to potential new agents. OutboundEngine does the work of connecting with those contacts in his network, saving him time.

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