Case Study

Michelle Ryan

Keller Williams Realty

Increasing Efficiency with Marketing Automation

“Partnering with OutboundEngine has been an excellent experience. Their team spends time to ensure that I am getting the most from my online marketing, and they have the time and expertise to effectively keep me in front of my network.”


Michelle is a realtor based in San Antonio, TX with a thriving business. “I needed help staying in front of my clients. I used to be adverse to the online marketing aspect of my business. I knew it was important, but I let my social sites sit. I didn’t generate any business. If people can’t find you online, then you’re losing business. I wanted to spend my time generating leads, not following up with customers on social media and crafting newsletters,” says Michelle.


Michelle is a networking expert. She spends a significant amount of time meeting with people inside and outside of the real estate industry to generate leads for her business. “Every Sunday I hold open houses, leaving my Saturdays free to take out buyers. Without the support of OutboundEngine, marketing would take a back seat to other things that are a priority for my business. There are people who are tech savvy and then there are people like me who don’t have the time to post on social and send emails consistently. OutboundEngine helped me through that.”


“OutboundEngine support has been so beneficial, they walk me through best practices regarding my online marketing. Networking groups have proven to be a great source of business for me and it’s important that I stay in front of my network so that those prospects reach out when they’re ready to buy. You guys save me time and continue to educate me so that I can engage with a phone call or email when the time is right,” says Michelle.

Bottom line

OutboundEngine takes care of Michelle’s online marketing so she can spend more time building her network and working with her clients.

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