2018 Business Health Checkup

Just like we should be going to the doctor for checkups to be sure we’re in good shape, your business should get a regular checkup, too. Read on for your business health checkup for 2018 (tracksuits not required):

 Exercise Regularly

Are your social media accounts seeing enough activity? Be sure you’re posting interesting, business-related content across platforms on a regular basis.

  Stretch Daily

Reach out to your existing contacts. See if you can set up a meeting once a week or once a month with someone you haven’t spoken to lately.

 Maintain a Healthy Diet

Feed your brain with information that will keep you on top of industry trends and a leader in your field. Read industry articles, attend webinars, and listen to podcasts.

 Mix it Up

New marketing methods may lead you to unexpected success. Try hosting a webinar on an industry topic you’re passionate about or organizing a recurring meet-up with fellow professionals.

 Take a Rest Day

Hard work is exhausting, otherwise, it wouldn’t be called hard work! Be sure to schedule some downtime so you can keep performing your best all year long.

Marketing automation can make those rest days easier to guarantee. Schedule a demo today to see how OutboundEngine can keep your business healthy and you top-of-mind with your customers.


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Taylor Wright

Taylor is the Content Marketing Manager at OutboundEngine. She's passionate about helping businesses succeed through finding the right words and creating positive client experiences.