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Ilona Coffey
Coldwell Banker Island Properties

Staying Engaged with an Extensive Sphere of Influence

“You guys are the best, and I am so grateful to have had that call with you so many years ago! I’m a fan for life! I am on track to have the best year in my career and I could never have gotten here without OutboundEngine.”

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Ilona loves living on the island of Kauai and working as a real estate agent. Her favorite part of her job is being able to connect with people who want to buy property in the most amazing place on the planet (as far as she is concerned!). However, after many years and lots of success in the industry, she found that her contact database had gotten so large she could no longer stay in touch with her sphere of influence without help. “My growing database became very difficult for me to manage– I needed a way to stay in front of all my customers so that I would remain top of mind without being too ‘salesy’.”


After learning about us from a member of our sales team, Ilona decided to add OutboundEngine to her marketing toolkit. “The people in my database seem to love these touches and don’t feel any kind of sale pitch is involved, just helpful information that anyone can learn from.”


Ilona says she has tried other tools over the years, but none has matched the engagement created by OutboundEngine. “Keeping me top of mind opens so many doors for me!” One of those doors is a $1.6 million dollar listing from a couple who are in her sphere of influence. Since buying and selling a house isn’t something most people do frequently, staying top of mind meant this couple reached out to Ilona when they needed a real estate agent. “I contact them maybe once a year, but because they consistently received communication through OutboundEngine, they remembered me when it came time to put their house on the market!”


  • Realtor
  • 60+ Homes Sold
  • Based in Kuaui, Hawaii


  • Founded in 1999
  • 13 offices across Hawaii
  • #1 CB Franchise in Hawaii, 13 years running

Bottom line

Ilona needed a way to stay engaged with everyone in her extensive network. OutboundEngine keeps her at the top of their minds and their inboxes, so when they have real estate needs, she’s who they think of.

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