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Success as a financial advisor goes beyond just managing your clients’ assets well. In addition to offering sound investment strategies, you juggle a lot -- managing client expectations, staying on top of market information, synthesizing mountains of data, and being emotionally available as clients make difficult decisions. With so many hats to wear, one of the biggest challenges financial planners face is staying in contact with clients. As an investment adviser, you may find it easy to prepare financial plans, assess risk tolerance, and manage diversified portfolios. But, if you’re always focused on managing stocks, bonds, ETFs & mutual funds, who’s managing your ongoing communication with your clients? Having regular client touch points is essential for building trust and credibility, whether market conditions are favorable or not. Contact is also crucial for keeping your brand top-of-mind to grow your referral network. While having a solid email marketing and social media strategy is vital to retain current relationships and build new ones, finding the time to manage your marketing might feel impossible.

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Keep it compliant. Break free from dry, technical, financial content. Everything we craft for you is editorial in nature and doesn’t offer advice or act as an endorsement.

The Email Marketing Roadmap for Financial Advisors

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Have high-value conversations with your clients.

You work hard to maintain your existing client base, but you don’t have enough time to follow up as often as you’d like. Not to mention with the rising popularity of robo advisors, online advisors are becoming increasingly mainstream. Engage your clients with content written and designed by experts that appeals to their interests and is rich in value.

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Uncover investors with money in motion or held away assets.

We find your most engaged clients so you can follow up and expand your client relationships.

“In the short time that the messages have been going out it has re-engaged some potential referral sources I thought were dead.”

Sara Seely
Equistar Wealth Management

Get more share of wallet.

Your clients and their networks are the best sources for new and expanding business. Whether it’s accessing more of their held-away assets or getting a referral from a high-net-worth individual, we work to help you grow.

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Don’t check out in between meetings.

We’re experts at working with RIA’s to ensure you get the most share of wallet, connect with the next generation of investors and reach out during key life changing events for clients. You’re there for your clients when they need you most, and we’re here for you. We’re located in Austin, TX and available via phone, email and chat.

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