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What OutboundEngine does for you:

Finds your advocates.

We identify the most engaged people in your network of contacts and highlight them as prime candidates to write an online review for your business.

Generates new reviews.

It can be awkward to ask for reviews, so we make it easy. Through the OutboundEngine app, you can send requests to ask people to write reviews for you. We’ve even created the email text. Just select the site where you’d like the review and send.

Monitors your online reviews.

Before a potential client calls you, they’re looking for information about you online. We’ll send you an alert when someone writes good or bad things about your business and give you advice on how to respond appropriately.

Showcases your best reviews in one place.

Take your best online business reviews and showcase them on your Website. We give you the power to craft the brand image you want on your own site.

Tracks the competition.

Get automatic alerts for reviews for up to five competitors, learn what people in your market like and don’t like about your competition and use these insights to improve the quality and distinctiveness of your business.

Measures your reputation.

Know exactly how your potential clients see your business when they search online. Quickly locate good and bad reviews from all over the Web through a seamless, consolidated dashboard view.

Bonus benefits:

Get reviewed on your own site.

Mainstream review sites are great for exposure but can be tough to manage. Get customer feedback and testimonials written for your site instead of the mainstream options so you always maintain control of what gets posted.

Add requests for reviews in your emails.

Make sure everyone on your email list knows how to review your business online. Add a call to action to request reviews directly on your monthly email newsletters.

Automated review posting.

Set your own terms for what gets posted to your Website. As you get reviewed online, you can specify a minimum star rating for what can be posted automatically for you.

Support team assistance.

No review sites? No problem! We’ll help you complete all of the steps you need to get your review pages up and running, and we’ll keep in touch with you until everything is just right.

A growing list of compatible review sites.

We can help you get reviews on a number of sites, and we’re constantly adding new ones. Currently, we support Yelp, Facebook, Google, Zillow, Avvo and

yelp google facebook zillow avvo

“ReviewEngine is great. Asking for reviews in person can be very uncomfortable, but OutboundEngine allows me to ask in an indirect way and manage my reviews all in one place. The reviews I receive online attract new clients to my business, and they’re featured on my Facebook page, so I keep a close eye on what people are saying.”

Marlow McShan
Marlow's Fitness