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Kathleen Lantz
The Comey Lantz Team

Maximizing Online Impact Without Increasing Headcount

“OutboundEngine helps you boost your online business, especially when you’re not tech savvy or don’t have the time to do it.”

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The Comey Lantz Team is a tight-knit group of real estate professionals. Each brings different strengths to the group based on their background and experience. As the resident Millennial on the team, Kathleen Lantz knows how important it is to connect with clients online, and that technology is the key to making her team and their clients’ lives easier. But their busy office has little time to spend online updating social media and promoting their business.

“Over 90% of people start their homesearch online now,” Kathleen says. “Once they find a house they like, if its your listing, they’re going to find more out about you. If you don’t have an online presence how can you assist them with a home search? If someone doesn’t get their answer quickly, they’ll move on to the next person.”

Kathleen also understands more and more people avoid picking up the phone and calling a stranger. “They want to reach out in a way most comfortable to them.” She knows having a website and using Facebook gives potential customers multiple avenues to get in touch with you.


Before OutboundEngine, Kathleen and her team used another platform to manage all their social content. That CRM still required someone to manually send their emails and they found it hard to consistently post interesting content. “At the very most we were maybe posting once or twice a week. It wasn’t enough to get in front of followers,” she said.

The Comey Lantz Team turned to OutboundEngine to both ramp up their online presence and make it easier for customers to get the information they were looking for without requiring any extra time on their part.


Regularly posting content for their audience is no longer a worry. “OutboundEngine takes the place of a social media manager.” Kathleen knows when someone Googles a real estate agent to work with, they’re going to also look at sites like Facebook. Their business Facebook page has continued to grow in size and engagement.

When potential customers search for The Comey Lantz Team, they see content, people interacting with that content, and business reviews. “For me, as a consumer, when I’m looking for anything, even a place to eat, if they don’t have reviews, I don’t go.” Similarly, she says if businesses don’t have reviews, people are less likely to reach out. OutboundEngine pulled The Comey Lantz Team reviews from all over the web and has them in one place, ensuring potential customers can see important feedback.


  • Ambitious Real Estate agent
  • 8 years sales and customer service experience
  • Headquartered in Everett, Washington


  • RE/MAX Elite Team
  • 30 years combined experience in residential real estate
  • Services western Washington state

Bottom line

With OutboundEngine, The Comey Lantz team has grown their social media presence and continues to build their referral business, all without increasing headcount.

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