OutboundEngine Case Study - Director of Marketing Dustin DeMeritt
Case Study

Dustin DeMeritt

Director of Marketing

Radius Financial Group

Meeting a Complex Need for A Full-Service Mortgage Bank

“I can’t imagine not using OutboundEngine. It ticks every box and key driver for us.”


Dustin DeMeritt, Director of Marketing at radius financial group, recognizes that marketing a mortgage company has its fair share of challenges. While the mortgage industry is a critical piece of the housing industry, most people don’t find it to be the most exciting part of the process. This is where standing out from the countless competitors pays off. Dustin explains, “You can get a mortgage anywhere. You can go online, in a bank, anywhere. Sharing our story is a huge key driver for us. We work on it every single day.” In addition to establishing a unique brand identity, another key component to a mortgage company’s success is compliance.

“Being able to control the message and licensing is super important,” Dustin says.

However, the combination of fulfilling these distinctive needs is rather complicated. A few years ago, Dustin looked to see if such a solution existed. That’s when he found OutboundEngine.


Dustin loves the peace of mind that comes with knowing while they’re doing their job, OutboundEngine is doing theirs at the same time. “What I love about the platform is that it gave us consistency. Your content is amazing,” Dustin says. In addition to writing and sharing content, OutboundEngine allows the team at radius the ability to manage, monitor and measure a consistent message.

When it comes to compliance, Dustin has a similar sense of relief. “I know when I sit down with our General Counsel every year and supply a list of vendors, OutboundEngine will deliver every time,” Dustin says. He likes that the content isn’t about rates and programs. It’s about lifestyle, consumers and bringing value to their lives. And as far as compliance goes, Dustin is happy to report that, “everything is compliant from the beginning to end: from onboarding to content deployment.”

In addition to meeting high-quality content and compliance requirements, OutboundEngine also serves as an important recruiting and retention tool for Dustin and the team. radius can identify the mortgage professionals that are highly engaged and help them grow their business. On the other hand, they can also spot those who needed more confidence and give them the support they need. By providing them with support from OutboundEngine, “they felt like ‘I can do this,’” Dustin says.


With OutboundEngine, the team at radius can focus on both their mortgage agents’ professional development and achieve top-notch experiences for their end customers. “From a key driver perspective, OutboundEngine helped us differentiate our brand because of our consistent brand and message,” Dustin says.

When it comes to automating marketing, retaining talent, and staying compliant, OutboundEngine supports radius so they can focus on their mission to make mortgages better.

Customer Highlights
  • Director of Marketing
  • 20 years of sales and marketing experience
  • Passionate about customer experience
Company Highlights
  • Founded in 1999
  • Award-winning, full-service independent mortgage bank
  • Headquartered in Norwell, MA

Bottom line

OutboundEngine helps Dustin, and the rest of the radius team, help focus on making mortgages better.

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