OutboundEngine Case Study - Insurance Agent Regina Dortch
Case Study

Regina Dortch

Licensed Agent


Putting the Power of a Full Marketing Team Behind One Person

“You have to build your business. One important piece is to have someone like OutboundEngine take care of your marketing.”


Being a self-employed insurance agent, the responsibility of Regina’s success falls squarely on her shoulders. Her days are filled with answering calls from people all over the country, setting appointments and holding webinars to help potential clients find and obtain the right health insurance. This leaves little time to handle the marketing side of her insurance business. “I’m a salesperson. I like to talk, I like to help people. I don’t like to do the back end work,” Regina said. She also wants her past clients to know that she cares. “I don’t want people to sign on and then never hear from me,” she said.


Regina signed up with OutboundEngine and got help with the marketing tasks that she doesn’t have the time or expertise to master. “I used to do the newsletters myself, and use my database, but it takes too much of my time.” Marketing automation allows Regina to balance reaching out to ever-growing database while staying in touch with past and existing clients.


Having her name in front of her network on a regular business has made Regina’s referral business stronger than ever. “It didn’t happen in the first few months, but it’s starting to pick up more, especially small business owners and people who are frustrated with their insurance.” She loves that clients that have been in her network for the last few years know that she is still in the business. Regina works hard to be the best at knowing the insurance industry inside and out, but relies on the support of OutboundEngine when it comes to driving her marketing strategy. “You have to build your business. One important piece is to have someone like OutboundEngine take care of your marketing.”

Customer Highlights
  • Licensed Insurance Agent
  • 20 years experience customer service
  • Based in Dallas, TX
Company Highlights
  • Founded in 2010
  • Headquartered in Grapevine, TX
  • Subsidy of USHEALTH Group, Inc.

Bottom line

With OutboundEngine, Regina can focus on what matters most to her — taking care of her customers.

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