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How the referral program works:

The sweepstakes goes live.

Four times a year, we’ll invite your contacts to enter a sweepstakes for a $500 gift card through email and social media. All they have to do is fill out the contact information form; we handle the rest, including the prize.

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You gain insights from your clients.

To enter the sweepstakes, we ask people for their updated contact information and how likely they are to need your services in the future.

Your clients help you grow.

After entering, we ask if they want to refer anyone who might be in need of your services, which results in warm leads from your most reliable source – your past clients.

We identify warm leads in your network.

We’ll deliver valuable customer insights and warm leads to your inbox and home page. You’ll have updated contact information from your clients, a list of new referral leads from your network and warm leads who are ready to start a conversation.

“The majority of our business comes through word of mouth and referrals. Using the OutboundEngine platform has been a way to stay in front of those customers and get referrals from our existing ones.”

Joe Walkup
Innovative Business Products

Important details:

Qualification Questions

We’ll craft a qualifying question appropriate for your industry and client network, such as: “How likely are you to need my services in the next six months?”

Lead Types

The leads generated by referral campaigns come in two forms: warm and hot. Warm leads are people who are somewhat likely to need your services soon, and hot leads are extremely likely. We identify these people so you can reach out to pre-qualified prospects.

$500 Gift Card

We supply the gift card. After the end of the sweepstakes, we’ll pick the winner and share the good news.

Sweepstakes, Not a Contest

It’s important to remember that you aren’t trading a prize for business. Entry into the sweepstakes is not dependent on the entrant submitting referrals. In fact, if they do send you referrals, we make it clear that this will not in any way impact their chances of winning the sweepstakes.