Live Chat - OutboundEngine

How Live Chat Works

Track visitor behavior

OutboundEngine keeps track of everything your visitors are doing so we can step in at the right moment.

Engage at the right time

Our algorithm knows exactly when to send in an agent to increase a lead's chances of converting.

Communicate the right message

You're in control of the lead's experience, right down to the visual branding and the scripts our agents follow.

Convert visitors to warm leads

Our professional agents qualify your leads, capture their contact information and immediately send you an alert so you can follow up.

Make your website work for you, 24/7

Our agents are ready, day or night.

Trained, professional agents engage and convert your site visitors 24/7. Every potential client has the chance to talk to a live person, ask and answer questions and request more information about your business.

Branded for your business.

You have full control over visual branding and messaging — no coding required.

Get more ROI from your marketing spend.

If you’re paying for website traffic, it’s even more important to maximize lead conversions. Live Chat gets you more out of every dollar you spend.

Setup is a snap.

No coding required

Our chat service is compatible with just about every website platform on the market, and no technical skills are required to set it up. We’ll walk you through each step.

Integrates with major CRMs.

Deep integration with major CRM platforms means you can easily view lead contact information and key qualifying information, gain important consumer insights and prioritize your pipeline.