Dashboard - OutboundEngine

What OutboundEngine does for you:

Identifies the best opportunities in your network.

Focus on contacts that are worth your time. While your marketing runs in the background, we analyze and track key metrics that identify the best opportunities in your network. These are the people most likely to result in your next deal, and they are the first thing you’ll see every time you log in.

Shows what actions to take.

Leads are nothing without context. For each lead we identify, we’ll tell you why they’re important, where they came from, how to get in touch with them and what actions they’ve recently taken with your marketing campaigns.

Scores your contacts.

The most engaged people in your network are your best source for repeat business, referrals and reviews. We automatically track email metrics. Using our special algorithm, we’ll apply a score to each of your contacts, letting you know who your biggest fans are.

What you can do on your own:

Follow up on suggested actions.

The leads we identify tell a story and give you a reason to get in touch. You’ll know what actions your prospects took and get suggestions on how to reach out to them.

Quickly review the most relevant campaigns.

Your campaigns consist of two components: the email newsletter and the social media posts. From the home page, you can see your previous, current and future campaigns. Know what’s been sent, see what’s coming next and review everything before it goes live.

Monitor campaign performance.

Quickly see the all-time results of your marketing campaigns in an easy-to-digest visual format.

Make campaigns your own.

Add finishing touches to the campaigns we create for you. Add personal notes, custom content or Specialty Content to your email newsletters. Or go all out and create your own campaign from scratch with Campaign Builder.

Take a break.

Going on an extended vacation or just not feeling the email newsletter about to go out? No hard feelings; you’re free to opt out of email and social media campaigns as needed.

Add to and update contacts.

Your marketing is only as strong as your sphere of influence, which is why you should always add and update your contacts in OutboundEngine. You never know where your next deal will come from, which is why you stay top of mind with everyone.

Build client segments.

Not all contacts are created equal. Create and add tags to help segment your contact list to fit your needs.

Generate online reviews.

Online reviews can make or break your business. On the Reviews tab, you can connect and monitor your review sites, track your competitors and ask people in your network to write reviews for you. Pick a few clients, choose where you want them to write their reviews and click send.

Manage your Profile Page.

Edit, customize and tweak your Profile Page to your liking from the dashboard. Swap out images, copy and site tabs. Even create a custom page.

Bonus Benefits:

Detailed campaign metrics

Data junkie? We’ve got you covered. Easily download spreadsheets full of metrics and data from your marketing campaigns.

Full campaign history

Some industry regulations require archiving of email and social media content. With OutboundEngine, you can access previously sent campaigns indefinitely.

Client list export

You own your contacts. At any point in time, you have the option to export your contacts and do with them as you see fit.

“OutboundEngine’s reporting allows me to see who is reading my emails and gives me an excuse to reach out. Now I have clients calling me wanting to talk about investments.”

Ben Randle
The Solomon Group