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Tina Beauchain
Beauchain Builders

A Family Business Built by Word-of-Mouth Referrals

“If you’re looking for valuable content and an attractive method to deliver it, OutboundEngine is your team.”

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Tina Beauchain and her husband Clifford first moved to Northern Virginia in 1998, when a family friend needed a home renovation completed and trusted only the Beauchains to do the job. One successful project led to another and through word of mouth, their business continued to grow. While they focused on helping their clients create new spaces that look fantastic, they needed a way to stay engaged with everyone they’d worked with—a number that only got larger through the years. And though Tina is able to spend a bit of time in her busy day maintaining their website, she has to dedicate most of her energy to taking care of her clients and their projects, so she needed to delegate their marketing.


Since their founding, Beauchain Builders has continued to grow through word of mouth and referrals. As they’re committed to remaining a small family business, Tina is able to devote her time to providing excellent client experiences and keeping their projects on schedule because she knows her marketing is handled. “My clients engage with the content because it’s always an interesting and easy read.” This engagement starts conversations, which is the key to developing new and lasting relationships.


“OutboundEngine helps us look professional and gives us more time to work on our business,” Shawn says. They’ve seen their overall engagement, including open and click rates, increase substantially and have also enjoyed the ease of asking for new reviews from their clients. “My favorite part of being a realtor is that I get to meet and help so many people.” Because marketing is no longer Kari’s responsibility, she has more time to enjoy the parts of the job that involve actually engaging with clients in person. “If you’re looking for a sleek product to provide email newsletters and post on social media, OutboundEngine is the way to go.”


  • Works with husband, sister, and both of her brothers-in-law
  • Originally from Vermont
  • Has two daughters and one son


  • Began in 1996
  • Family-run business
  • Serves all of northern Virginia and the DC area

Bottom line

When referrals and repeat customers are the backbone of your business, as they are for Tina and Beauchain Builders, you need to stay top of mind. OutboundEngine helps Tina do just that, without requiring more time from her already busy schedule.

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