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What OutboundEngine does for you:

Creates awesome content.

Twice a month, our content team in Austin, Texas, writes engaging, entertaining emails that position you as a helpful industry expert.

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Matches the look and feel of your brand.

Everything we create is designed to bring your business’ image and personality to life. Our support team works with you to customize our templates to meet your brand standards.

Makes you look good on any screen.

More than half of emails are now opened on mobile devices. Your emails are designed to be responsive and look good on all screen sizes.

Automates the time-consuming stuff.

Everything is done for you. We’ll let you see your emails ahead of time, schedule and send the campaigns for you, let you know how everything is performing and highlight the most engaged people on your email list.

What you can do on your own:

Add your voice to each email.

Want to add a quote to your emails? Inspired to add some holiday cheer? Every one of our email templates has a personal note section for you to include timely messages to your contacts.

Customize as you see fit.

Hosting an open house soon? Have a coupon to promote? Organizing a lunch and learn? You have a section on your newsletters to publicize special events and offers.

Drive traffic from your newsletters.

Your newsletters come with call-to-action buttons already, but you can edit, add and subtract as you see fit. These are particularly useful in driving traffic to your website or other pages online.

Build your own campaigns.

Have a special customer message or want to do it yourself? Campaign Builder uses your branded template and walks you through the process of crafting your own newsletter.

Highlight what makes you unique.

Adding Specialty Content to your email newsletters highlights your areas of professional expertise, focuses on your specialties and drives deeper email engagement.

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Take Email Marketing Off Your Plate

Let’s face it; you’re busy. Whether you’re buried under a pile of paperwork, running from one meeting to the next, answering calls or setting up appointments, you juggle a lot to keep your business growing. With limited time to get it all done, chances are, checking in with your existing customers keeps falling to the bottom of your to-do list. Mapping out an email marketing strategy would help keep those lines of communication open, but you may not have time to implement one. Sending newsletters means researching trends, scouring the internet for relevant topics and consistently writing new content your customers will read, and that’s only half the battle. Then, you must figure out how to design and send said email newsletter to all your contacts. We’re not going to sugar coat it; sending consistent communications to your customers takes some serious marketing chops. That’s where we come in. OutboundEngine helps you connect with your customers by automating your email marketing. We craft bi-weekly newsletters and send them to clients on your behalf, making your customer outreach a snap.

Expert Content Written with You in Mind

Your customers are your best asset. You’ve worked hard to earn their trust and win their business, so it’s important that you put your best foot forward when reaching out. You can trust us to make your newsletters relevant, polished, and professional. Our expert team writes, designs and sends emails on behalf of over 10,000 small business customers just like you. We have over 13 professional writers in-house who’ve written for some of the biggest publications and brands in the United States. Experts in our field, we take writing your newsletters seriously, crafting timely, applicable, and compliant content that engages customers on topics designed to help you build stronger relationships within your network. Constantly tweaking our templates, we test to see what works, taking our cues from real-time analytics and feedback from readers. When it comes to creating content, our goal is to embody you and your voice. You can think of us as an extension of your business. We create the emails you’d send if you had the time to do all the research and outreach yourself.

Building and Organizing Your Customer Database

When customers come to us, many need help compiling a comprehensive list of email contacts. Often, they put off the process of marketing to their clients because they don’t have an updated list ready to email. If figuring out where your contacts reside, combing through multiple systems and sifting through records to consolidate your contacts sounds like a pain, you’re in luck. Whether you store customer information in your email account, on LinkedIn, in your CRM or on paper, we can help! We make exporting and importing your entire database simple. (Not to toot our own horn, but we’re excellent at collating contacts.) Import your subscriber list, and our platform will automatically eliminate any duplicate email addresses. Our software also crawls your contacts to remove any “info@” or “support@” email addresses from your database to ensure you’re reaching real people in real time. Once we’ve scrubbed your contact list, OutboundEngine starts sending emails, delivering quality content straight to your customers’ inboxes. List management has never been easier!

Professionally Designed and Tested Email Templates

While quality content is essential, how you create your emails can determine whether anyone reads your message. How emails render on various browsers, within different email clients, and across devices affects the user experience. Customers expect that no matter what device they use, they’ll be able to open your email and easily act. So, if your text isn’t scrollable or the call to action isn’t visible and clickable, you may be wasting your efforts. Additionally, certain words and specific design choices can send your emails directly to the dreaded spam folder. To create a user-friendly experience and to ensure your email deliverability, our team continually researches and adjusts HTML templates to meet the changing demands of email clients. With OutboundEngine, whether your customers are opening your emails via Gmail or Outlook, on their iPhones or desktops, your emails will have the same professional look and feel every time thanks to our responsive email design. Our team also tests and retests subject lines, header images, call-to-action buttons, and image placement to boost open rates and minimize unsubscribes. Not sure how to set-up your SMTP, maintain CAN-SPAM compliance, and track your bounces and complaints? Don't worry; our automated system handles all of that for you!

Add a Personal Touch to Your Campaigns

Before pushing send, we make sure your emails are customized to reflect your brand and personality. Emotions tend to drive purchasing habits, so people who feel a personal connection to your brand are more likely to read and retain the information you send. With OutboundEngine, you can customize each campaign by including your headshot, logo, and colors, as well as by adding a personal note and custom content to make your emails stand out. We also give you the ability to promote events, feature images, or include a video or link with custom campaign blocks that match the look and feel of your brand. This personalization humanizes your emails, while consistent, branded communications give customers a sense of who you are. That connection establishes trust within your network, keeps your customers coming back, and helps you build referrals.

What else you get:

Contact Importation

It’s easy to upload your contacts. We work with the email systems you already use, and we’re always adding new integrations. Our support team goes the extra mile to make sure your emails are sent to as many people as possible, even if it means scanning in 1,200 business cards.

Email List Optimization

Clean data gets the best results. Before sending your first newsletter, remove duplicate contacts and help us protect your email integrity by sending only to valid email addresses.


Just one bad email address could get all of your emails sent to SPAM, or worse, get you blacklisted. We protect you by sending your first newsletter to a small sample of your contacts to ensure that they are valid. After validating we’ll send emails to your whole list.

First Come, First Served

With email addresses it’s first come, first served. It’s possible a contact on your list is on one of your competitor’s lists. Whoever signs up with OutboundEngine first gets the sending privileges for that contact. No one will ever get the same email from two different people.

Segmentation and Tagging

Not all contacts are equal. Add tags and segment your list for your specific needs. Want to run a custom campaign to a list of prospects? Easy. Curious to find the most engaged people you’ve done business with in the last year? Simple.

Campaign Preview and Alerts

We’ll always show what your next email newsletter will be in advance. We’ll even send you alerts to let you know your contacts are showing buying signals or are worth reaching out to. Up to five people on your team can receive these alerts.

"It was good quality content, and I needed something that my customers would enjoy. It was unbelievable, within the first month I saw my Facebook engagement increase 700%."

Cindy Welsh
Coldwell Banker

"I recently received a hot lead from a client who “referred a friend” via our OutboundEngine Facebook app. Pretty slick! I think this is such a Great resource."

David Robnett
Integra Insurance Services

"It gave me the opportunity to touch base, network and refer other contractors I knew. I provide referrals and in turn those contractors refer me, it’s a great system."

Joe Pinkston
Cityscape Garage Doors