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Steve Cabezud
My Insurance Solutions, Inc.

Making Marketing a Priority While Building a Business

“The consistency of being in front of my clientele, which includes my agents, and providing them information and education is really valuable.”

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After working in the health insurance industry in various capacities, Steve struck out on his own. Since then, he’s spent the last several years building his independent insurance broker business. This challenging task requires researching and adopting various technologies, marketing methods, and other helpful tools to grow and develop his agency and agents.

“I never know what a day holds other than what I have on my business plan,” Steve says. “An average day is anything from negotiating contracts to agent recruitment to putting on training events.” Steve also fields marketing and sales questions in addition to providing leadership to his agents.

Because of all of his responsibilities, Steve’s time is extremely tight. As he works with his agents on new business and their professional development, he also needs to stay in touch with his growing network.


Steve knows marketing is an integral part of any business. This is especially true in an industry like insurance, where your clients may only contact you once a year, or in some cases, even less frequently. Staying top of mind can help you stand out from the competition and be the difference in retaining a client or getting a referral. Steve turned to OutboundEngine to help keep communication with his ever-expanding network consistent and effective.


“Content rules the day,” Steve succinctly says. The power of content extends beyond website clicks and email opens. Great content also educates potential customers and clients, positions you as a thought leader, and keeps you top of mind when your services are needed. With OutboundEngine, Steve and his agents are able to stay in front of their networks and develop their referral base.

Partnering with OutboundEngine means Steve can focus his energy on continuing to grow his insurance agency and developing his agents while providing regularly scheduled content to his network and potential customers. “It does keep me in front of people so when they’re having conversations they’ll think of me and call me.”


  • 12 years experience in health insurance industry


  • Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA
  • Insurance broker
  • 12 agents serving 10 states

Bottom line

No matter how hectic Steve’s day may get, he can depend on OutboundEngine to deliver consistent, informative content to his network.

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