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Use These LinkedIn Features to Help Your Business

Taylor Landis
March 6, 2018

LinkedIn, like all of the other major social media platforms, looks a lot different today than when it launched. What hasn’t changed is how much time people are spending on these websites. HubSpot found that users checking Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get their news, business and lifestyle information continues to increase significantly every year. With all these eyes consuming content on social platforms, it’s important to be present and take advantage of the tools at your disposal. Use these five LinkedIn features to help your business and boost your professional reputation.

1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is the place to go if you’re looking to get questions answered, are an avid learner, or are simply curious about a topic and want to learn more. You have the ability to search for skills, software, and save programs or presentations that are interesting to you. If you don’t know where to start, scroll through what appears on your LinkedIn Learning home page. LinkedIn has segmented much of content into categories like Editor’s Picks, learn within 30 minutes, and trends. Keep your skills and mind sharp – pick a course and start today!


How this LinkedIn feature can help your business: There is really no downside to continuing education. Increasing your knowledge and strengthening existing skills is key to staying at the top of your field. By staying up-to-date on industry trends, popular topics, and what your competitors are doing, you’ll be more confident than ever in your ability to support your clients’ questions and needs.

2. Career Advice

We touched on the importance of mentorship in our business resolutions post, but for a person just starting out in their career or someone looking to make a career change, getting advice from a someone who has gone down the same road can be invaluable. LinkedIn now has a feature called Career Advice, which helps match those searching for mentorship with other experienced colleagues. Providing career advice often reminds you how much experience you really do have and that you are an expert in your field. Give it a try and you may find it helps you as much as the colleague receiving your insight and expertise.


How this LinkedIn feature can help your business: Think of it as online networking, but without the pressure of trying to pitch yourself or make a deal. You are guaranteed to make new connections by making your experience and point of view available to others. You will also help promote your brand without actively selling, an idea at the core of content marketing.

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3. Active Status

Facebook and Google have been using this little green dot for years to make it easy for users to chat with each other when they are online. You can now do the same on LinkedIn! When you go to a connection’s profile page, Active Status shows a green dot next to their photo if they are online.


There is a slightly different dot if they are using LinkedIn on their mobile device.


How this LinkedIn feature can help your business: When you only have a few minutes to check in, knowing someone is online and available increases the chances of them seeing and responding to your note. Same goes for having your active status seen. On that note, be sure that your active status is on.

Follow these steps:

  1. Under your photo, click “Settings & Privacy.”
  2. Under the “Privacy” section, scroll down to the sidebar that says “How others see your LinkedIn activity.”
  3. Then click “Manage active status” to make sure your connections can see when you are online.


Bonus Content: Download our Social Media Field Guide to learn why and how you should use social media for your business.
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4. Advanced Search

Anyone who shops online knows the difference between a good search and a bad one. When you are digging through hundreds of search results, endlessly scrolling is ineffective and leads to most people giving up and moving on. The best searches have multiple filters you can apply quickly to sort through and narrow down your results. LinkedIn has made their Advanced Search easier to find exactly who and what you are looking for by including filters to appear once you submit a term in the search bar.


How this LinkedIn feature can help your business: They can’t contact you if they can’t find you, right? These filters make it easier for people to find you if you have a complete LinkedIn profile. Keep your account and information up-to-date and accurate and you’ll appear within various filters.

5. LinkedIn Publishing

After discussing some newer LinkedIn features to help your business we have discussed, we’re ending on a feature that has long existed but is more polished than before. Writing and sharing content has been available to users for some time, but LinkedIn has made it easier than ever for users to publish original content.

There is one newer advancement in LinkedIn publishing worth noting. Users can now adjust their settings so posts shared to “Public” can be viewed by anyone even if they are not signed into LinkedIn. This means the content you publish can be read by others who aren’t logged into LinkedIn. Quite revolutionary in terms of social media!


If you get stuck once you’re on that page, check out this post about LinkedIn ideas you can do now.

Use this LinkedIn feature to help your business: As a result of sharing your thoughts and expertise, you are starting and continuing conversations that may lead to new connections and opportunities. Being able to direct clients to an article you wrote adds another level of credibility to your business.

Wrap Up

Yes, you should be using LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy. No, it’s not enough to just set up a profile. If you are only occasionally connecting with people you meet and doing nothing more, you are missing out on using many LinkedIn features to help your business.

Finally, know that LinkedIn will continue updating and improving its experience for users. Be sure you stay current on what’s new. This list of LinkedIn features to help your business is a good start, but by no means all-inclusive. If you need a hand in the world of social media marketing, we’re here to help take that off your to-do list.

To learn more on your own, check out our Social Media Field Guide below. It’s chock full of information updated for 2018 – how to get started, marketing trends, where to focus your efforts, and so much more.

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