2020 Email Marketing Roadmap for Business Owners

2020 Email Marketing Roadmap for Business Owners

The 2020 Email Marketing Roadmap for Small Business

We all write and send emails. (OutboundEngine sent more than 150,000,000 emails this year alone) It feels pretty safe to say that most of us fire off emails without a ton of thought. We have to send them. But when email marketing is part of your business (and it should be!), there is more pressure on your emails. They’re a way you present your business, generate leads, and how you leave an impression on recipients. Writing emails to a large audience that impact your bottom line is understandably intimidating.

At OutboundEngine, we believe every business deserves great marketing. However, we also know many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have the time, budget or interest needed to master email marketing. Some don’t even have the time to simply execute it, let alone sit and think strategy! That’s why we created our Email Marketing Roadmap—to help give you a clear path as you plan your email marketing strategy for this year and beyond.

In the 2020 Email Marketing Roadmap, you will find updated best practices, insight into how to build an email list, and actionable steps you can apply to your 2020 email marketing strategy.

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What’s In It?

In addition to the annual updates, you will find information on:

  • How to write great email content
  • What to avoid when writing emails
  • Why email marketing is crucial to your business

For many of us, writing compelling and effective emails is difficult and time-consuming. We hope our 2020 email marketing roadmap will help get your email marketing on the right path. If you still feel overwhelmed or could use a hand with your email marketing strategy, we are always here to help.

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Taylor Landis
Taylor Landis

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