2018 Email Marketing Roadmap for Business

We all write and send emails, but having to write an email for a larger audience that can impact your bottom line, is daunting. At OutboundEngine, we believe every business deserves marketing automation, but we know not every business owner has the time, budget or expertise to take on the marketing tasks needed to promote and grow their business. That’s why we created our Email Marketing Roadmap – to help give you direction as you map out your email marketing strategy.

In the 2018 Email Marketing Roadmap, you will find updated best practices, how to build an email list, and actionable steps you can apply to your 2018 email marketing strategy.

Along with the 2018 updates, you will find information on:

  • How to write good email content
  • What to avoid when writing emails
  • Why email marketing is crucial to your business

For many of us, writing compelling emails is both difficult and time-consuming. We hope this guide will help email marketing feel more manageable. If you still feel overwhelmed or could use a hand with your email marketing strategy, we are always here to help.


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Taylor Wright

Taylor is the Content Marketing Manager at OutboundEngine. She's passionate about helping businesses succeed through finding the right words and creating positive client experiences.