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Does Your Business Really Need an Email Newsletter? 5 Reasons It Does

Erin Myers
June 1, 2017

If you think email marketing is no longer necessary, think again. There’s a reason why marketers consider email the single most effective tactic for improving awareness, acquisition, conversion and retention. In fact, there are multiple reasons! Here, we’ve listed five.

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1. People love email!

We know what you’re thinking. “Nobody checks email anymore. Everyone’s on social media!” But that’s a common misconception.

Sure, everyone and their grandmother is on social media now, but that doesn’t mean email marketing is yesterday’s news. In fact, 72 percent of consumers actually prefer their business communications to occur via email.

And in the age of mobile, email has become even more viable as an effective marketing channel. Did you know that 91 percent of consumers check their emails at least once a day on mobile? Or that 58 percent of adults check their email first thing in the morning?

In other words, where consumers are concerned, email is more of an addiction than an antiquated notion. Why not give them what they crave?

2. Email is a direct line of communication.

Social media expands your reach exponentially while staying top of mind with existing customers. Email marketing provides these same benefits, but with one distinct advantage — it’a a direct line of communication between sender and recipient.

With social media, there’s no guarantee that your followers will see your messages. On Facebook, your exposure is limited by an algorithm. On Twitter, content moves so fast, it’s easy to get overlooked. Plus, you’re up against boosted content and paid advertisements, making social media real estate hard to come by without paying for placement.

But with email, you’re on a level playing field with your competition. It’s not an algorithm or the luck of the draw that determines your fate, but your brand reputation and the quality of the content you have to offer. You control your own destiny.

3. Email is a great way to build customer relationships.

Did you know that 70 percent of consumers say they always (ALWAYS) open emails from their favorite brands? That’s not email addiction at work — that’s the power of strong customer relationships!

But how do you build that type of customer loyalty? Two words: great content.

The days of in-your-face advertising are over. To earn your spot as a preferred brand and encourage customer loyalty and brand advocacy, you have to provide value. That means packing your email newsletters chock-full of content that’s relevant, entertaining and insightful.

The ultimate goal is to establish yourself as an industry expert, a trusted go-to source of topical information. This strategy is especially beneficial if you work in an industry with a relatively long sales cycle, such as real estate or insurance.

Bonus Tip: If you want to take things to the next level, focus on creating custom content for your audience. Seventy-eight percent of consumers believe brands that provide custom content are interested in building relationships.

4. Email keeps you top of mind for repeat and referral business.

We all like to think that we’re instantly recognizable and unforgettable. And maybe during a transaction, your business does feel like Cheers, “where everybody knows your name.”

But the sad truth is customers forget over time. They may remember your good work and want to give you referral business, but if they can’t remember your name, those good intentions won’t add up to much.

An email newsletter allows you to maintain a connection and provide value after the transaction is complete. This not only helps nurture existing relationships and encourage repeat business, but it also keeps you top of mind for referral opportunities.

This is huge when you consider that 92 percent of consumers trust referrals from people they know, and are four times as likely to make a purchase when referred by a friend.

5. Email marketing works!

The numbers speak for themselves. Email nurturing provides 50 percent more sales-ready leads and increases sales opportunities, on average, by 20 percent. That’s probably why email provides a 4,300 percent ROI for businesses in the U.S.

But if you want your email newsletter to earn high returns, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort necessary to devise and execute a targeted — and competent — email and content marketing strategy.

Need a little help?

If you’re short on time or creating email newsletters just isn’t your strong suit, don’t panic. We’re always here to lend a helping hand!


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Updated on 6/1/17; originally published 8/18/15.

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