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How to Nurture Client Relationships with Email Marketing

Travis Balinas
September 25, 2013

All businesses confront the on-going question of how to nurture client relationships and bring them to fruition via new sales and loyalty. Small business owners face the uphill battle of doing so with limited available time and resources. Email marketing can supplement traditional relationship development methods at little cost and help to drive demand for products and services.

By using email marketing to keep in touch with your past and current clients, you are not only marketing yourself but snagging a coveted position: top-of-mind awareness. Many customers appreciate this kind of marketing in that it isn’t invasive and it provides valuable information.

If you’re a Promotional Products Distributor, updates on the latest product or service news can also be successfully implemented into your email marketing campaign. This is the kind of information that customers need in order to make informed decisions. Be it a new product release, an enhanced service implementation or just a minor change to an existing product, your clients will come to enjoy your updates and become habitual followers that are always in-the-know when it comes to your offerings.

Seasonal updates are another great way to use email marketing to nurture your client relationships. More than merely an electronic Christmas card, seasonal updates reflect annual nuances of your business as it relates to your clients. Updates to lead times, the impacts of weather-related issues, or seasonal product offerings all make for meaningful emails in your customers’ in-boxes.

Along with the types of email marketing campaigns previously noted, there are some helpful tips to successfully managing marketing campaigns designed to develop better client relationships and drive business.

4 Tips For Nurturing Client Relationships With Email Marketing

  1. Consistency in message and branding is vital to ensure success. Your email message must reflect the same branding characteristics that your traditional marketing and company culture represent.
  2. Brevity in your email messages will be appreciated by your clients and ensure that they read them as opposed to being sent directly to the trash file. Think of an email message like an elevator pitch. You need to complete the pitch prior to reaching your floor.
  3. Personalization in an email campaign is not simple but it is necessary. Personalizing your messages will endear your customers more to your company. Proper utilization of your customer database in tandem with field usage in your email program can include personalized salutations or noted client information within the body. Also, make sure the message applies to the client’s business. Not all customers are alike.
  4. Timeliness is important when utilizing email marketing to enhance relationships with clients as well. Messages should be planned as part of your overall marketing plan and arrive well ahead of pending events. Be careful not to engulf your clients with too many messages. Anything more than once a month should have a real good reason.

Developing good client relationships can be greatly enhanced by a good email marketing campaign. With a solid plan and proper implementation you’ll improve not only your top of mind awareness with customers but also develop better loyalty and brand awareness.

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