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Loan Officer Blog Topics to Keep Your Content Fresh

Taylor Landis
May 15, 2018

Writing a blog is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and harness the power of content marketing. For a mortgage professional, sharing this content can also show potential clients your knowledge of the ins and outs of the home industry. Finding ideas to write about can be the most frustrating part of the writing process. For the times when you’re short on time and need a little inspiration, we’ve come up with a list of loan officer blog topics and ideas to keep your content fresh.

1. Start a Q&A Series

loan officer blog ideas

Your expertise and customer service can help you stand out from the competition. Capitalize on your know-how and answer a few of the many complicated questions you’re asked. Questions may include: why would I get a second mortgage? How can I get a better mortgage rate? Think back to the questions that tend to repeat and see what comes up, then answer one question per blog post.

2. Highlight local events

Show your audience you stay on the pulse of your city. Write up a list of events happening in and around your area this weekend or this month. Include a mix of events that range from family friendly to more nightlife focused. You could easily turn this into a recurring post topic and write up events once a month or more frequently, depending on your time.

3. Share an interesting tip

Unexpected topics with useful content make for super popular loan officer blog topics. Do you have a favorite app that keeps you more organized? Are there financial blogs you find really helpful? You may be surprised at all the cool tips you receive from others once you start sharing yours.

4. Be seasonal

loan officer blog ideas

Incorporating timely information from the seasons, holidays, weather, etc., is a great way to deliver relevant information to your audience. If they’re already talking about it, chances are they will want to read about it. Here are a few seasonal loan officer blog topics:

Winter: winterizing your home, holiday greetings
Spring: home remodeling, tax-time tips and ideas
Summer: road trips, vacation ideas, travel advice
Fall: “back to school” themed posts like book recommendations, re-assessing fiscal changes & needs

5. Recommend another local business

Personal referrals and recommendations can go a long way when people are deciding where to spend their hard-earned dollars. Pay it forward by helping out another local business by highlighting them on your agency site. It’s good karma for your business to support other local businesses, and it gets your name and brand in front of other potential clients.

6. Interview a client

Speaking of referrals, ask a client if you can interview them for your blog. You can do this by phone or email, depending on your time and the client’s time. This is a great way to generate interesting content for your audience that can be also used as a testimonial for your business.

7. Kitchen Sink

Do you have an interesting hobby? Have you taken an unforgettable vacation? Share it on your blog. Personal connections can strengthen professional relationships, so don’t be afraid of sharing the human side of your business. Reminds your audience that there’s a person behind the name or company on your business card.

Start today

Writing a blog can be a great complement to your marketing strategy, but publishing a few blog posts here and there isn’t a complete plan.

Your marketing strategy should prioritize sharing great content in a variety of channels to position yourself as an expert in your field and stay top of mind with your customers. OutboundEngine helps you do just that by creating engaging, branded content and using the power of marketing automation to get it in front of your customers on email and social media. We can make you look great online and show you who’s engaging with your brand, automatically. Schedule a free demo and see how OutboundEngine can help you uncover more opportunities in your network.

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