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prizeEmail referral campaigns help get your small business new customers but they also take a lot of time to do. With the clients we work with, some of their best new business is from their past customers, so it only made sense to help them generate referral leads. Today, we’re launching our latest product feature: automated email referral campaigns.

Some of the easiest leads for your business come in the form of referrals from your existing customers. However, the biggest challenge to getting referrals in any business is the act of reaching out to your customer base. What do you say? How often do you ask for help? How do you incentivize it? Will it actually work? These are all questions that a small business owner will most likely be asking if they try to do this on their own. This is where we come in to help.

The way is works is quite simple really. Four times a year, we create a campaign to get you referrals from your existing customers, send it out to your email database and to your social networks, and then deliver leads directly to you from your customers. Check out an example below.


As you can see, we put the focus on the incentive here, helping you get the most out of these campaigns. And to answer your next question, we take care of the prize for you. You’re not on the hook for the contest either; we take care of all the work.

So what’s the catch? Nothing. The contest is real, the prize is paid for already and you get to keep the leads. Everything is done automatically. The best way to help our customers get the most out of our product and service is to help grow their businesses, which is why we’ve launched this product feature.

If you’re a current customer, you can sign up through the app dashboard. Go to the OutboundEngine App, log in, and in the orange menu bar, click on referral campaigns. You’ll be able to upgrade here and the page will look like this:

referral campaign upgrade image

If you’re not yet signed up with OutboundEngine, you can learn more information about referral campaigns here and get started here.

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Travis Balinas