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Looking to Help Sell A Home? 8 ROI Improvements That Buyers Love

October 28, 2019
ROI improvements

If you’re getting ready to help a client sell their home, then you’ve likely been discussing home improvements. Sprucing up your property and making sure everything is functioning properly is a must if you want the sale to go well, but do you know which home improvements are the most worthwhile? Some updates and remodeling projects could earn more money in the sale while others are just going to cost your client time and money they didn’t need to spend. Most of all, the estimated ROI (return on investment) on some of the more popular projects may surprise you. Consider these ROI improvements before you list that house.

Seed your lawn

Seeding a lawn might seem pointless for areas that experience winter, but if you’re located in a warmer client, this improvement could potentially earn a 317% ROI. This is one of the best home improvements with a positive ROI because it’s fairly inexpensive and not very time-consuming.

Fiberglass Attic

Regardless of the season, the cost of energy isn’t getting any lower. A fiberglass attic is an excellent way to insulate a home and you can use it to leverage a higher sale. Fiberglass attics can earn a full return on investment plus about 8%.

Steel Door

If you don’t want to spend too much time on remodels or if you’re in a particular hurry to sell the home fast, a new steel front door is a good way to go. Steel door replacements offer better insulation and security, which are two reasons why they can earn about a 74% ROI.

Garage Door Replacement

Installing an updated garage door is one of the more interesting ROI improvements on our list. Garage doors may not be an obvious choice, but they’re one of the first things people see. Garage door replacements yield around a 97.5% return on investment, according to the Remodeling Cost vs Value Report.

New Patio

What’s better than enjoying quality time with friends and family on a finished backyard patio? If you’re discussing when you should sell your home and spring or summer is a better time, then consider a patio project. Not only is the ROI over 50%, but it’s also likely to get higher based on data from previous years.

Stone Veneer

Curb appeal can have a major influence on how potential buyers see a house. A stone veneer on the front of a home is a classy touch that can equal a 94.9% return on investment.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is arguably one of the most important rooms in the house, so it makes sense to focus on this room. However, you don’t have to take on too much. Believe it or not, minor kitchen remodels can be worth more than major kitchen remodels as far as ROI improvements go. If you have the time, go the DIY route with staining cabinets and installing new light fixtures.

Wood Deck Addition

Similar to a new patio, a wooden deck attached to the house provides a nice spot for entertaining and relaxing during warmer months. Additionally, a wooden deck addition has an average of 74.9% ROI.

Keeping all the plates spinning

Helping your clients prepare to list their home takes time. While you’re working on getting bids from landscapers or working with your buyers on staging, who is talking to all of your other clients? It can be hard to balance keeping in touch with your network, staying on top of current closings and preparing for those that are upcoming. Not to mention having time for yourself and your family.

Software like OutboundEngine provides real estate agents with the marketing assistance they need to stay top-of-mind with their network so their time can be used working one-on-one with their clients. See how OutboundEngine works and how we do the marketing work for you.

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