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The Best Email Subject Lines for Promotional Products Distributors

Erin Myers
January 24, 2017
Email Subject Lines for Promotional Products

For promotional product distributors, making sure that new products are consistently in front of your customers is the best way to help them plan for their promotional needs for the year. But trying to figure out what to send can be quite time-consuming.

If you want to increase email open rates, you’ll need to focus on writing stronger subject lines. Consider the statistics:

  • 35 percent of recipients decide if they’ll open an email based on the subject line alone.
  • 69 percent only look at the email subject line before deciding to mark a message as spam.

The moral of the story is clear. Email subject lines play a huge role in recipient engagement. And it turns out, the most highly engaged emails weren’t sales-oriented; they were written to help people!

To save you a ton of time and get your creativity flowing, we’ve put together a list of our top performing email subject lines and paired them with their corresponding header images:

5: Hungry for results? We’ve got the answer.

email header example 1

4: How to give the great outdoors

email header example 2

3: The year’s top product trends

email header example 3

2: These summer deals are worth catching

email header example 4

1: The 13 best back-to-school ideas

email header example 5

The stats show that the more creative and helpful an email subject line is, the more engaged the reader will be. Not only that but when you send interesting content, the likelihood of your emails getting forwarded to other people increases significantly.


By writing enticing email subject lines and providing sincere and valuable content, you encourage active readership and continued engagement. This not only goes a long way toward building a strong relationship, but it also increases repeat business and referrals from your current policyholders.

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Updated on 1/24/17; originally published 4/16/15.

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