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The Top Loan Officer Marketing Blog Posts for 2014

Travis Balinas
January 7, 2014

Loan Officer marketing blogs from 2013 were some of the most visited pages on our site. So much so that we felt it necessary to put together the greatest hits list of all of these posts.

From social media and email marketing to content marketing strategies, mortgage professionals flocked to our blog to figure out the best ways to get ahead of their competition, target prospects and customers across multiple media, and ultimately grow their businesses.

Here are the top 5 posts that mortgage professionals found most useful in 2013.

#5) 8 Things You Need to Update on Your LinkedIn Profile Today

When was the last time you went to update your LinkedIn profile? Chances are, it’s been quite some time and your profile is not giving you the best impression of who you are professionally as you are doing in real life.

#4) 4 Tips to Help Mortgage Brokers Get Started Using Social Media

The idea of mortgage brokers using social media seems like something that would be for just personal use, if at all. I could never really see myself following a broker on Twitter or “liking” their Facebook page. Why would I want to opt-in to see more self-promotional spam about “lower interest rates” or “this just in from the Fed”? However, it dawned on me that I’m not considering the angle for a mortgage professional why might actually be using social media correctly for someone in their field.

#3) Quick Start Guide to Social Media for Mortgage Brokers

Why is it that using social media for mortgage brokers is such a tough thing to do? Is it because they don’t have enough time in the day? Do they not fully understand the value of it all? Are they filled with questions about how to use social media? Or is there just not enough information out there to help them get started with it all?

#2) Loan Originator Marketing Ideas Using Social Media & Email

Loan originator marketing ideas are meant to increase referral and repeat business. Any originator looking to do this effectively should definitely be using email and social media marketing to strengthen relationships with past clients. Especially in the mortgage industry, where there are hundreds of thousands of loan originators out there.

#1) 5 Marketing Ideas for Mortgage Lenders in 2014

Marketing ideas for mortgage lenders tend to be either overused, too complicated, or just not worth the time or money to do them right. Following suit with a post I wrote last week titled 7 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents, I got off on a tangent for mortgage professionals. Whether you’re a mortgage ender, broker, loan originator, or just curious about good marketing, there’s something in this post for you.

2013 might be done but it’s certainly not soon forgotten. It’s time to take everything we’ve learned from last year and apply it to our businesses this year.


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