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Top Subject Lines for Real Estate Agents

Haley Martensen
December 4, 2017

As a real estate agent, you want to make an impression on customers and prospects. You want to be remembered more than your competition. To do this you need to keep in touch with these past customers, and email is a great way to stay top of mind.

That being said, 205 billion emails are sent each and every day, and this number is only growing. To be effective, your emails need to stand out with powerful subject lines.

At, OutboundEngine, we craft eye-catching, professional emails on behalf of our customers. On top of this we work to ensure great deliverability that is well above industry averages. In 2016 alone we sent out over 105,300,000 emails, and thus far in 2017 we’ve sent 132,500,000, and the year is not over quite yet.

To give you a little inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of our top-performing insurance subject lines of the year. Use these to help determine your 2018 marketing strategy and get the most out of your email campaigns next year.

1) Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Emergency Binder

Top Performing Subject Lines for Real Estate Agents 2017

2) Fastest-Growing American Cities

Top Subject Lines for Real Estate Agents 2017

3) 5 Mistakes New Homebuilders Often Make

Top Subject Lines for Real Estate Agents 2017

4) 3 Types of Secret Spaces for the Home

Top Subject Lines for Real Estate Agents 2017

5) When to Adjust Your Homeowners Insurance

Top Subject Lines for Real estate Agents 2017

Too many real estate agents spend time building a great email but leave the subject line as an afterthought. That’s a recipe for low open rates. Your content is valuable, so make sure it gets seen by taking the time to craft powerful, creative subject lines. You could be missing out on business that could be generated from the emails you spent so much time working on. Don’t let that be you in 2018.

These top subject lines above were crafted to help rather than sell and had great open rates, showing that a creative, value-driven approach is far more engaging than a direct pitch. Also, if you send these helpful and entertaining pieces, chances are people will send them to friends and family, earning you referrals. Who doesn’t love that?

Still unsure about how to send your strongest email to your database? Let us craft and send your emails for you!

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