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Marketing 101: Everything New Real Estate Agents Need to Know

Taylor Landis
October 24, 2018
new real estate agents need to know

Starting a new career is a big deal. It can be exciting and thrilling. It can also be nerve-wracking and overwhelming. For those just beginning in real estate, we’ve compiled everything new real estate agents need to know about establishing and marketing your new business. We’ve collected our best content to help you as you navigate this exciting adventure.

Social Media

We’ll start off with what seems the most obvious step but is the most visible to many of us – social media. Even if you already have a social media presence, there are ways to improve and enhance it. Here are a few helpful tips:

1. Facebook Business and Personal Page Do’s and Don’ts.

Learn why you should separate your business and personal pages, the best kind of content to share, and how to skillfully cross-promote business and personal content.

2. Keep Your Social Media Accounts Tidy [Checklist]

Keep this downloadable checklist on your desk or phone as a way to do a quick check on the basics of your social accounts.

3. How to Write Great Social Media Posts

There is more to writing great social posts than catching typos. We’ve got actionable tips to make your content stand out.

4. Social Media Etiquette Rules

Etiquette isn’t limited to just the dinner table. Learn how to be a good social media citizen with these tips.

5. Make the Most Out of Your Cover Photos

A cover photo can accomplish more than you realize. Make the most out of your social media cover photos.

Email Marketing

Email has been around for decades for a reason. People use it – a lot! It’s also one of the best ways to engage and convert customers to grow your business. New real estate agents need to know how to harness the full power of email marketing.

1. Understanding the Anatomy of an Email Newsletter

There’s more to the way an email is put together than you may realize.

2. 10 Most Frequently Asked Email Marketing Questions (with Answers)

We answer a lot of questions about email marketing. Here are the most frequently asked.

3. 9 Steps on How to Build an Email Marketing Calendar

If you’re thinking about tackling your email marketing strategy solo, learn about ways to build your email calendar.

4. 13 Important Email Etiquette Rules for Businesses

Just like with social media, email has its own set of etiquette rules to be followed.

5. Biggest Email Marketing Mistakes

We’ve sent millions of emails for thousands of customers. We can help you avoid these email mistakes.

Brand & Reputation

Spending time on building your brand and reputation is an ongoing process. It’s important to consider everything from project management to how to gather and respond to reviews.

1. The 5 Definitive Questions to Ask When Building Your Brand

What is building a brand? How do you go about it? These five questions can help you figure that out.

2. Increasing Brand Awareness: Project Management Tips from a Pro

We’ve got actionable steps to build brand awareness from a project management expert.

3. 10 Simple Steps: How to Get Online Reviews for Your Business

Learning how to ask for reviews is crucial to building your brand and maintaining a stellar reputation.

4. 10 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Getting Online Reviews

Wondering why you aren’t getting online reviews you’re asking for? Check this list out and find some answers.

5. How to Respond to a Bad Online Review (The Right Way)

Negative reviews are bound to happen. Here are a few best practices to use and pitfalls to avoid.

What you need to grow your business

There’s our rundown on what new real estate agents need to know. Of course, there’s more where that came from if you’d like to peruse our blog. If you’ve got your hands full as it is, there is another option that may help.

OutboundEngine can jumpstart your online presence with Starter Edition. We’re there for you from setting up social pages to gathering online reviews and everything in-between.

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