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clean WordPress themes for real estate websites

10 Clean WordPress Themes for Real Estate Websites in 2018

According to the National Association of Realtors®, 90% of real estate agents have websites. The most common use of these websites is to feature real estate listings. Maybe you have an existing site that could use a refresh, or maybe you’re starting from scratch and need to get one up and running. In either case, we’ve rounded up 10 clean WordPress themes for real estate websites.

1. Real Estate Right Now

This theme was designed with real estate agents and brokers in mind. You can create a gallery for your listings without coding experience. It’s also responsive, so it will adjust to the size of the device it’s being viewed on.

2. Real Estate Lite

clean WordPress themes for real estate websites

The Real Estate Lite homepage emphasizes the visual. If you’re intending to build a website to primarily highlight your listings, this theme for your real estate website. With plenty of customization abilities, this theme can grow as you expand your website offerings.

3. Photograph

If you’re looking to grab your website’s visitors’ attention with amazing images, this theme is for you. The Photograph theme has thousands of downloads, making it one of the most popular choices on our list of clean WordPress themes for real estate websites.

4. Satori

clean WordPress themes for real estate websites

Another one of our clean WordPress themes for real estate websites is Satori. Do you have a show-stopping property that deserves the spotlight? Use this theme and build a website that lets your visually stunning listing do all the talking.

5. Flash

Flash is another popular WordPress theme with over 20,000 installs and a 5-star review. With multiple layout options, this responsive theme would be great for real estate agents that want to be able to get in the code and customize their website.

6. Spacious

Some real estate agents want to showcase the services they offer in addition to home buying and selling, such as connections to a loan officer or home inspector. Spacious is an excellent option in our list of clean WordPress themes for real estate websites to do just that.

7. Twenty Seventeen

clean WordPress themes for real estate websites

For those who appreciate a minimalist approach, Twenty Seventeen is a great choice. If referrals are important to your decision making, this responsive theme has been installed over 1 million times, making it a very popular choice.

8. Writing Gem

If the blog is going to be the focus of your website, Writing Gem may be the theme for you. This clean WordPress theme allows for easy categorization of your posts and still allows you to use compelling visual images.

9. OceanWP

OceanWP has the distinct honor of being the most-downloaded multipurpose theme of 2018. Of all the clean WordPress themes for real estate websites, this one will likely require more time to set up. For those looking to roll up their sleeves and make a custom website, check out this theme.

10. OutboundEngine Profile Page

clean wordpress themes for real estate websites

WordPress is a great option for those who enjoy getting a little technical when working on their websites. If you prefer someone else do it all for you, the OutboundEngine profile page is a great option.

Keep Building Your Marketing Strategy

No matter how you decide to go about building your real estate website, what’s important is that you have an online presence. Your past, present, and future clients are online. They’re searching for answers to their questions and those searches may bring them to a competitor. It’s important that you meet them where they are by not only being present online but also active.

It’s possible that figuring out website design is the at the bottom of on your to-do list, and that’s okay too. For a helping hand with all the moving parts of a successful marketing strategy, OutboundEngine is here for you. See how we use marketing automation to help people like real estate agents focus on serving their clients.

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