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7 Tips to Effectively Follow-up on Leads for Promotional Products Distributors

Travis Balinas
August 22, 2013

Promotional Products Distributors: Turn Up the Heat on Your Warm Leads!

Congrats! As a Promotional Products Distributor, you’re sending relevant email campaigns on a consistent basis that look professional and are getting opened by your potential customers. This is a huge leap forward in helping you build your business. But, email opens and clicks alone won’t turn into immediate orders. You must have an effective plan to follow-up and continue to nurture those relationships beyond the initial email contact.

So what is an effective follow-up plan for warm leads?

1) Define a warm lead.
Did they open your email, or click on a link? Identifying a criteria for warm leads will help you prioritize where you spend your time.

2) Have a response plan without being too pushy.
You noticed that the person clicked on the email link to view polo shirts. Send an email from your personal account offering your assistance within 48 hours.

3) Offer immediate value.
Not only provide your contact information, but also let the person know that you are running a special on apparel through the end of the month.

4) Stay in touch.
Maybe that offer didn’t turn into an immediate order, but track your responses and let the person know you’ll follow-up with them before the special offer ends.

5) Get the order.
It’s been three weeks and your closing out the month. Go back to the lead and say the offer on apparel is ending, and if they order today you can provide free shipping. That was it, you closed the deal. Great job!

6) Ask for referrals.
The polo shirts arrive on time and the customer is really pleased with the discounted price and free shipping. You’ve provided a valuable service and a great experience so ask them to refer you to a friend, like your Facebook page, or forward your email newsletter to their network. Gauge the situation and make an appropriate ask for referral business.

7) Learn from your mistakes and adjust accordingly.
Things don’t always go as smoothly as you’d like, but mistakes are the best learning opportunities. Take that knowledge and continue to improve your follow-up.

Think of it this way, email marketing got you a warm lead, but your follow-up plan will turn that lead into blazin-hot business. Want more lead nurturing tips and tricks? Join us on Thursday, September, 5th at 2:00 PM CDT for a live webinar. Seats are limited so register here today!

Webinar Details
Date: Thursday, September 5th
Time: 2pm, CDT
Registration: Click here to RSVP

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