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Best Mortgage CRM Software and Database Solutions for Loan Officers

Maria Waida
September 11, 2018
best mortgage CRM software

The best mortgage CRM software and database solutions for loan officers have a few key features in common. These include simplifying your processes, automating above-and-beyond customer service, and building a consistent reputation that instills trust in your borrowers.

Even more promising is the opportunity to drastically increase your lead conversion rate. A mere 22% of businesses say they’re satisfied with their current conversion statistics. Are you part of those lucky few?

If not, finding the right mortgage CRM software might be your answer.

Selecting the best mortgage CRM software and database solution poses an interesting challenge for loan officers. This is mainly because while most CRMs offer the same general services, the mortgage industry has a very unique relationship with its clients.

Your management processes and prospect outreach all require an industry-specific touch. That’s why we chose to only include the services tailored to the issues and challenges you care about the most.

The best mortgage CRM software and database solutions on this list provide benefits like:

  • Loan pipeline organization to simplify the process of viewing and tracking applications
  • Referral partner marketing management tools to execute and monitor campaigns
  • Automated lender reminders for important events so you can focus your time on bringing in new prospects (while still taking care of existing customers)
  • Integrated compliance modules to help you remain up-to-date with organizations like the FHA

Here are five user-friendly and robust options that will help you choose the best mortgage CRM software and database solution.

1. Velocify LoanEngage

This CRM is an all-in-one sales and marketing tool. Velocify uses a science-based approach to lead conversion. This approach allows loan officers to automate their prospecting while maintaining a unique sales cycle for each applicant.

Their LeadManager and Dial-iQ tools are product highlights. They integrate with Salesforce to further streamline sales efforts. They’ve also recently teamed up with EllieMae, a leading provider of cloud-based mortgage finance software.

This mortgage CRM software and database solution is recommended for midmarket and enterprise systems that deal with a large number of leads on a regular basis.

2. Unify CRM

Unify CRM offers a valuable marketing library. Users can dip into it whenever they need a new campaign idea or direct mail template. The ability to sync and clean information means you won’t have to worry about duplicates or missing details. You can also use their email campaign features directly within the program.

Their primary benefits target key areas like real-time LOS integration and post-close marketing. If you’re looking for a CRM that focuses on improving client experience, be sure to give this one a second look.

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3. Mortgage iQ

This mortgage CRM software and database solution recently relaunched with a whole suite of improved features. This launch included a better, more user-friendly design. One of their more impressive updates is the “quick action” menus that allow loan officers to navigate through their most common tasks with a single push of a button.

They’ve also turned up the heat on their partner relationship management offering. These features help lenders, officers, and realtors form stronger relationships.

4. SureFire

When it comes to naming the best mortgage CRM software and database solutions for loan officers, we made sure to include programs created with you in mind. That’s why SureFire is on the list.

This CRM integrates with an impressive number of apps (more than 1,000). One unique feature worth noting is their intake online 1003 app. It creates its own custom link for each user and alerts you whenever a new application has been submitted.

In addition, they offer dynamic in-process videos that are automatically sent when clients hit certain loan milestones. Educational features like these will make your customer service stand out.

5. BNTouch

One of the great things about BNTouch is their custom-design for digital mortgage applications. Users report a high satisfaction rate with the quick and easy set-up.

Their lead nurturing services also include personalized promotional materials that help build client relationships and provide information on the mortgage process.

This CRM is marketed as a useful solution for smaller businesses, but their client and partner portals make the process manageable for larger companies as well.

Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate

Whichever mortgage CRM software and database solution you choose, keep your target goals in mind. For most of you reading this, that goal is building your business.

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