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45 Most Clickable Email Subject Lines for 2019

Taylor Landis
December 2, 2019

Email marketing is an important piece of any marketing strategy. And like all marketing strategies, the elements should be revisited regularly. That’s why every year we look back at our top performing email subject lines to see what worked and what could improve. This year we sent 152,022,063 emails, so we had a lot to research! Here’s a list of the 45 most clickable subject lines for 2019.

Top-performing emails for real estate

1. What you need to know about the spring housing market

2. Could a pied-a-terre be just what you need?

3. How practical is smart tech for you?

4. 3 ways to know it’s the right property for you

5. How can a tax refund lower your interest rate?

Most clickable emails for the mortgage industry

6. So you’re ready to apply. What’s your first step?

7. Do you own these must-have furnishings?

8. 5 rules to consider when house hunting

9. Should you tailor your homeowners policy?

10. How can you make your bid stand out?

Best open rates for property and casualty insurance agents

11. Is pothole damage covered by your auto policy?

12. 4 things to know about umbrella coverage

13. 5 maintenance tasks you shouldn’t forget

14. Take this step to help protect yourself from fraud

clickable subject lines

15. 4 ways to keep your belongings safe when you move

Top-performing emails for legal professionals

16. What to know about background checks

17. Can the police search your house?

18. How to contest a speeding ticket

19. Is road rage against the law?

20. Alexa: do you swear to tell the truth?

Best email subject lines for financial advisors

21. Which remodeling projects might actually pay off?

22. What are the benefits of doing your taxes early?

23. Should you take a goal-based financial approach?

24. Should you do this before you say “I do”?

25. How to minimize your risk during retirement

Highest open rates for home services

26. Want the best lawn on the block?

27. Before you knock down a wall, read this:

28. Is your AC unit ready for warmer weather?

29. 4 budget-friendly ways to update your cabinets

30. What do you know about mold?

Top-performing emails for life and health insurance agents

31. Not ready for your term policy to expire?

32. When should you go to the emergency room?

33. Estate planning milestones for 2019

34. How do you know if you’re underinsured?

35. Don’t forget this important estate planning detail

Most clickable subject lines for promotional products

36. 13 items made in North America

37. What’s something everyone can use?

38. Sports fans will love these 13 products:

39. Are you on top of the latest tech?

40. 13 ways to thank your employees

Best open rates for wellness professionals

41. Here’s why you should be foam rolling

42. Is too much screen time unhealthy?

43. What do you know about the keto diet?

44. How to eat healthy-ish when you travel

45. Why are massages so good for you?

Improve your subject lines

As we mentioned above, all marketing strategies should be revisited annually, but preferably more regularly than that. If your email marketing strategy is feeling stale, we can give it a freshening up with our original content and customized email templates.

We make it easy for businesses of all kinds keep in touch with their networks. See how OutboundEngine helps small business owners stay top of mind all year round.

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