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DIY is the Wrong Approach to SMB Email Marketing

Travis Balinas
July 24, 2013

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) marketing tools are great for small business (SMB) owners. In fact, SMB email marketing and social media marketing are fantastic ways to build your business while providing a continued opportunity to re-engage your clients and prospects. However, these tools are inherently built around a flaw; they are only as successful as the person using them. Don’t get me wrong, you’re all very capable of sending out an email newsletter, but is it really worth your time and energy?

For example, if my sink breaks, I can easily buy a wrench to fix it. I don’t know how, but that’s what Google is for. But even with the answers, I’m still the one doing the work. If it breaks again, that’s still on me.  Or, I could hire a plumber, pay a little more, get the work done right the first time, have a guarantee on the work, and let me stay focused on the things that I’m good at doing. Same logic applies to email marketing and social media marketing.

On the surface, it sounds simple: write up an email, send it out to your contact list, and wait for the sales to come pouring in, right? Believe me, from start to finish, that short list to “quickly” send out an email newsletter is far more DIY than you might realize.

  • What am I going to write about?
  • Is my subject line getting me more open rates?
  • What time of day should you send the email for the best response?
  • How will I know if my email marketing is working?

Sure, you can go Google answers to all these questions, but the problem still remains that even with the answers, you’re the one sitting at home after a long days work, trying to figure out if email marketing is even working for you.

When it comes to DIY marketing tools, you should be very aware that just because you can Do-It-Yourself, doesn’t mean that you should. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting some key examples of these situations where DIY should really be more Do-It-For-Me.

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