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Ideas @ OutboundEngine: We want to hear from you!

Emily Cash
July 19, 2019

Here at OutboundEngine, we’re always working to make our product better and our features more robust. In order to identify those improvements, we use several different types of outreach: surveys, phone interviews, and more. But what if you have a few ideas for OutboundEngine and you want to share them with us right now?

Just shoot an email to and we’ll be excited to take a look at any and every idea you send us. When we say any and every idea, we mean it.

  • Have a brilliant idea for an OutboundEngine newsletter topic? Maybe something that you saw in an industry publication that you think your network would like to know? We want to hear about it!
  • Or perhaps you have a newsletter idea that isn’t specific to your industry, but that you find interesting and you think others would too. We want to hear about that too!

Your ideas don’t just need to be limited to ideas for the newsletter or social media posts either.

  • Is there a product or feature improvement we can make so that OutboundEngine work more easily for you? We definitely want to hear about that.
  • Or have you thought of a brand new feature you think would be amazing? We’d love to hear about all your product and feature ideas.

Email us!

Again, just send an email to with whatever idea or suggestion you have. Who knows, your idea could be the inspiration for our next big product update! To paraphrase our dynamic Two Minute Marketing Tip host, Garrett Forbes, “we make OutboundEngine for you, but we can’t make it without you.” Looking forward to hearing all of your great ideas!

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