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Product Update: Introducing Listings Pro

Deepak Surana
April 27, 2021

At OutboundEngine, the answer to “what should we do next?” has always been “whatever helps our customers the most.” After a tumultuous year for small businesses, we’re prioritizing new products and features that will make a real, meaningful impact on the people we serve.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce Listings Pro, our latest product release. Listings Pro allows our real estate customers to add industry-leading IDX listings and search to their OutboundEngine websites. It’s one of our most requested features, and it fundamentally changes the way homebuyers interact with your site.

A few reasons why Listings Pro is a game changer:

Clients and prospects stay exactly where you want them.

When clients turn to search sites like Zillow and Redfin, they’re exposed to your competitors on every page. With Listings Pro, your website becomes their go-to search destination instead. That means more exposure to your brand and your name, with zero risk of losing them to another agent.

Your listings take center stage.

It’s your website, so you get to decide which listings should have an unfair advantage. Listings Pro lets you feature your own listings so they’re seen more often and help you get to closing faster.

Get more value from your website traffic.

Listings Pro gives you even more opportunities to turn anonymous website traffic into qualified leads. Visitors can now fill out a form to request more information about a specific property, and those requests go straight to your inbox so you can follow up immediately.

Take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

Because Listings Pro is built directly into your OutboundEngine website, it’s integrated with the marketing campaigns we already provide. Now every newsletter can include a call to action driving readers to search for homes on your website, making your emails even more powerful.

Ready to make your website their favorite place to search?

Starting today, all OutboundEngine real estate customers have the option to upgrade to Listings Pro; just click here to request a demo with your Account Manager, or call us at 855-826-4505.

Not an OutboundEngine customer yet? We do a lot more than websites! Schedule a live walkthrough with one of our small business marketing experts to find out how we take marketing off your to-do list.

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