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PromoLabs is Now OutboundEngine!

Travis Balinas
August 1, 2013

Today, we made it official. After three years of serving up email marketing automation for Promotional Product Distributors under the PromoLabs brand, we’ve officially rebranded the company as part of the OutboundEngine family.

PromoLabs has had a rapidly successful existence and helped build OutboundEngine into the product it is today. Our CEO, Branndon Stewart, said “by rebranding under OutboundEngine, our promotional product customers can enjoy some of the same social media marketing features and services as our Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance industry clients.”

In 2010, PromoLabs was created to help automate high quality email catalogs and quickly became a popular service for email marketing for promotional products distributors. Spinning off from the PromoLabs brand in the fall of 2012, OutboundEngine was formed to provide similar hands-free email automation and content marketing to other industry verticals like Real Estate, Insurance, and Mortgage. In addition to high quality content creation for these new verticals, OutboundEngine expanded beyond email marketing campaigns and added social marketing.

With the addition of social media marketing, we were able to take our email newsletters across multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Best part about this was that these are not competing mediums, rather, they worked together. Email subscribers were able to follow our clients on their social media accounts through calls-to-action in the newsletters. Friends and fans on social channels were able to subscribe to the newsletters from within that network. Both work to grow the audience size of our clients and increase their customer life value too.

We help small businesses market themselves by doing it for them. Through content marketing, email automation and social media promotion, we help SMBs build long-term value with their clients.

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