The 2019 OutboundEngine SMB Marketing Report
outboundengine SMB Marketing Report

The 2019 OutboundEngine SMB Marketing Report

In February 2019, OutboundEngine conducted a survey of more than 350 small and medium business (SMB) owners throughout the U.S. We asked them about revenue growth, stress, what is prohibiting them from meeting their business goals, which marketing tactics were most effective for them in 2018, and more.

And now, we’re excited to share our SMB marketing report with you!

What’s in it?

  • The effect of stress on small business owners
  • Revenue spent and its impact on growth
  • Time spent and its impact on growth
  • The most effective marketing strategies for SMBs

In addition to the list above, we also include takeaways like the elements of building a marketing plan.

Dig into the SMB marketing report here or by clicking the image below.

outboundengine smb marketing report

Taylor Landis
Taylor Landis

Taylor is the Content Marketing Manager at OutboundEngine. She's passionate about helping businesses succeed by finding the right words and creating positive client experiences.