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Social Ads Expands to Include Conversion Ads

Emily Cash
September 30, 2019

We’ve been hard at work improving OutboundEngine’s Social Ads product. Initially, we only offered traffic ads. We’re excited to announce we are now offering conversion ads as well! This provides customers with yet another channel to start new conversations that could lead to some big wins.

Let’s discuss the difference between these two and how they help businesses.

What’s a traffic ad?

social advertising

The primary focus of a traffic ad on social media is to build brand awareness with a specific demographic of people and drive them to learn more on the business’s website.

Traffic ads on Facebook and Instagram are incredibly effective in driving potential customers to a website to learn more about a business. Once on the business’s website, a potential customer can do a number of things: read the content to learn more about the business, fill out a form to ask a question or request information about a product or service.

What’s a conversion ad?

A conversion ad prompts interested individuals to complete a form directly within the ad.

The best thing about these ads is that they don’t disrupt the user’s online experience. They never have to leave Facebook or Instagram when they engage with the ad, which makes connecting with new potential customers easier than ever before.

For OutboundEngine customers, once a potential customer has completed the form, you’re immediately alerted via email that you have a completed form available to view.

Even better? Starting October 15th, you’ll be able to view those new contacts in the OutboundEngine mobile app.

(Psst! Don’t have the mobile app? Click here and we’ll text the app to you.)

What can you do next?

Learn more about the difference between traffic and conversion ads here.

If you’re a current Social Ads customer and you want to see if conversion ads are a good fit for your business, schedule an appointment with a Customer Success team member today. If you’re new to social media advertising and want to learn more, schedule a demo with a product specialist.

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