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15 Social Media Stats You Didn’t Learn in School

Erin Myers
September 19, 2016

In school you may have been intimidated by your statistics courses. But as a small business owner, a lesson in social media stats may be just what you need to complete your social media marketing training.

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Below are 15 current social media stats small businesses can use to make a case for maintaining a solid social strategy.

1. There are 2.3 billion active social media users and counting, making social an important piece of your digital marketing puzzle. (We Are Social)

2. As of July 2016, there were 1.71 billion users on Facebook. That means approximately 1 in 7 people actively use Facebook on a monthly basis. (Guardian)

3. To date, LinkedIn boasts more than 450 million registered users across 200 countries. (LinkedIn)

4. Twitter clocks a cool 313 million global active users each month. (Twitter)

5. Adults over the age of 65 are currently the fastest-growing user base on social media, followed by 18 to 29-year-olds. (Smart Insights)

6. Adults in the 55-64 age bracket are twice as likely to engage with your branded content. (Social Media Today)

7. American adults report using mobile devices to access the Internet 51 percent of the time, compared to using desktop computers to access it 42 percent of the time. (Smart Insights)

8. Seventy-seven percent of consumers feel that a social media presence communicates a sense of transparency, and 61 percent say they would be more inclined to purchase from a company whose values and leadership were communicated on social media. (Business Insider)

9. Sixty-five percent of adults use at least one social networking site. (Pew Research Center)

10. Facebook accounts for one in every six minutes spent online and one in every five minutes spent on mobile. (Hootsuite)

11. Facebook is the world’s most-used app. (KPCB)

12. Eighty-eight percent of consumers trust the social media reviews they find as much as a peer recommendation. (B2C)

13. Businesses are 50 million strong on Facebook. (Forbes)

14. Each month, 2.5 billion comments are generated on business pages alone. (Forbes)

15. One-third of Facebook users (32 percent) engage with brands regularly. (Selfstartr)


Here’s your quick guide to the stats we covered:

  • Facebook remains the world’s most prevalent social media channel.
  • Mobile marketing is a must.
  • Adults of all ages are active on social media.
  • The majority of consumers use online reviews to make their purchases.

Your high school stats teacher probably didn’t prepare you for the world of social media marketing. Fortunately, with the smallest bit of education, you’ll begin to understand why maintaining a presence on social media is so crucial for your business.

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