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The Value of Social Media and Email Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Travis Balinas
October 2, 2013

There is a lot of value behind social media and email marketing for real estate agents. Internet marketing, through social media or email, has pervaded every aspect of our daily lives. We go to search engines for everything we need, from making travel reservations to purchasing shoes and from finding the closest Thai restaurant, and even to seek relationship advice.

These trends have proven to be incredibly beneficial for small businesses – real estate agents in particular – as they provide them with tremendously valuable opportunities for marketing, and for success. The nature of a real estate agent’s work – its dependence on promotion and visual aesthetics – means that there is a significantly high value on offer for them if they use social media and email marketing.

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents.

Online social networks are incredibly popular today, with an increasing number of people spending ever more time on them. This presents tremendous opportunities for you, as a real estate agent, to benefit from wide-ranging, free of cost marketing. Social media marketing for real estate agents provides three significant advantages.

  • You can interact with your clients and potential customers directly, and assess their needs and requirements without having to meet them face to face. This saves both time and money, and allows you to present property options catered specifically to client needs when you do eventually meet them in person.
  • Most of the time spent visiting and inspecting real estate can be saved if you put up pictures of the properties you have available on social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest, so your clients can decide within minutes which properties they’re not interested in at all.
  • The potential customer pool at your disposal with social media is unprecedented compared to any other marketing tool. Social networks allow you to engage in ad campaigns, promotional offers, word of mouth marketing, and customer referrals simultaneously.

Email Marketing for Real Estate Agents.

A highly affordable and exceedingly effective marketing tool, automated email marketing for real estate agents can provide them with amazing benefits. It is particularly effective for you, as a small business owner, if you need to target niche audiences. You can use it successfully by following just a few, simple steps.

  • Create a visually aesthetic newsletter and emails sharing content that your customers and prospects want to read. This will help keep you top-of-mind with them so when they’re ready to buy, they think of you first.
  • Draft a list of potential clients and their email addresses. These would be people you think are most likely to be interested in the types of properties you have to offer. Keep this handy for when they reach out to you.
  • Nothing wrong getting a little help either. Use the expertise of an email marketing service and have your newsletter mailed to everyone on the list regularly.

The biggest value of social media and email marketing for you is that they help keep you top-of-mind with the right people. They also help to put you on the map in the most affordably efficient ways possible. Furthermore, the benefits they provide are not just short term, but provide long term value as well through customer referrals and word of mouth marketing.

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