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Top Email Subject Lines for Insurance Agents to Improve Open Rates

Taylor Landis
December 10, 2018

If you want to increase email open rates, it’s important to focus on writing strong subject lines. Consider these two statistics:

  • 35 percent of recipients decide if they’ll open an email based on the subject line alone.
  • 69 percent only look at the email subject line before deciding to mark a message as spam.

The message is clear. Email subject lines play a huge role in recipient engagement.

Every year we take a look at the top-performing email subject lines and share the emails with the highest open rates. As it turns out, the most highly engaged emails weren’t sales-oriented; they were written to help people!

Here are the top five subject lines for property and casualty insurance agents.

1. Have you made these costly homeowner mistakes?

top email subject lines for insurance agents

2. These 5 life events might impact your premium

top email subject lines for insurance agents

3. What not to store in your garage

top email subject lines for insurance agents

4. What is the due diligence process?

top email subject lines for insurance agents

5. How to choose the right contractor

top email subject lines for insurance agents

In conclusion, these results clearly show that the more creative and helpful an email subject line is, the more engaged the reader will be. Also, sending interesting content generally increases the likelihood of your emails being forwarded to other people.

Writing clickable email subject lines while providing sincere and valuable content encourages active readership and continued engagement. As a result, you’ll continue to build strong relationships, and also increases repeat business and referrals from your current policyholders.

We know sharing top email subject lines for insurance agents isn’t a complete email marketing plan. If you’re still unsure about the ins and out of email marketing, OutboundEngine can help. We’ve sent hundreds of millions of emails on behalf of our clients. (More than 143 million and counting this year!) Let us craft and send your emails for you!

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