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Roadmap to Success – The 2017 Guide to Email Marketing

Erin Myers
October 28, 2016
Beginners Guide to Email Marketing 2017 Header

Anyone who’s ever tried their hand at email marketing knows that it’s a journey. The further you go, the more you learn, but the trial-and-error route can only take you so far. Trying to reach your email marketing goals without a plan is like starting a road trip without a map; you might reach your destination, but you’re just as likely to wind up lost in the woods.

To help you chart your email marketing adventure, we’ve developed our Email Marketing Roadmap to lead you toward success:


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Don’t think of this guide as a specific roadmap set in stone — think of it more as a course in cartography. It will give you the tools you need to map out your own marketing plan, no matter where along the journey you currently are. Everyone’s business and experience level are different, so we designed this guide to be just as useful to a beginner starting from scratch as a seasoned email marketer looking to improve and explore.

What you’ll learn in this guide to email marketing:

Beginners Guide to Email Marketing 2015 11) Hitting the Road (Introduction to Email)

A good map will give you a lay of the land so you can make smart decisions about your journey. You’ll learn what email marketing is for, the various forms it can take and the benefits (with stats) for your business.


Beginners Guide to Email Marketing 2015 22) Stuff to Know (Email Marketing Terms)

Out on the road, you’ll find plenty of signs that can help guide the way, but only if you know how to read them. Email marketing has a lot of terminologies that you should know, and this guide will teach you how to navigate the lingo.


Beginners Guide to Email Marketing 2015 33) Roadtrip Essentials (Best Practices)

Much like a good vacation spot or natural landmark, email marketing also has a lot of must see/do attractions. From designing emails to building email lists and writing content, we’ll get you ready for whatever comes your way.


Beginners Guide to Email Marketing 2015 44) Turns to Avoid (Email Marketing Pitfalls)

While some of the most interesting roads are the ones less traveled, they’re sometimes untravelled for a reason. There are decades worth of email marketing data to tell you for certain what not to do, and we’ve got you covered.


Beginners Guide to Email Marketing 2015 55) The Next Leg (Building Relationships)

With this roadmap in your hands, you’ll be well-equipped to get out and explore the world of email marketing with confidence.

While there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to email marketing, there have been enough pioneers over the years to narrow down some best practices you can use to chart your own course.


Whether you’re looking to expand your email marketing beyond what it is today or you’re just looking to see what it’s all about, we’ve got you covered with this email marketing guide.

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Updated on 10/28/16; originally published 1/7/15.

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