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5 Gift Ideas to Impress Clients This Holiday Season

Amanda Johnson
November 25, 2022
customer gift ideas

If you’re a follower of our blog, you already know that it’s crucial to follow up with clients after a sale and continue to nurture relationships long term. The holiday season is a great time to check in with clients and remind them that you are thankful for their business and their loyalty. We’ve put together a few actionable customer gift ideas you can use this holiday season.

Customer gift ideas can take the form of a grand gesture, a quick note, and everything in between. As long as it makes someone stop and remember you for something other than a business transaction, you’re on the right path.

Here are five customer gift ideas and tips for the holidays:

1) Go Local

Whether you’re in a big city or a small town, your area probably has at least a few beloved local businesses that could use your support, especially in an age when so many are struggling. Why not source your client holiday gifts from right here at home?

If you want to shop local, try giving clients:

  • Bread or pastries from a local bakery.
  • Coffee or tea from a local roaster/tea shop.
  • Art or home décor items from a local boutique (the kind you won’t find online).
  • Handmade gifts (think candles, jewelry, pottery, etc.) from a local artisan or craftsman. If you have a farmers’ market, that’s often a great place to find gifts like this.
  • Beer, wine or spirits from a local brewery/winery/distillery (unless you know the client doesn’t imbibe, obviously). Bonus points for knowing their drink of choice!
  • An item that your area is famous for, like a local style of BBQ sauce or a type of fruit that’s produced in your region.

Sending clients a gift from a local business not only shows you appreciate them — it also shows your support for the community. That’s something everyone can get behind.

2) Be Personal

Take the time to send a gift that highlights your attention to detail and personal connection. A great place to start is to think about past conversations and interactions. Have they mentioned a favorite sports team? Or maybe a go-to restaurant or coffee shop? A piece of merch with their team’s logo or a gift card for a restaurant they mentioned will impress them with your attention to detail. (This is one reason keeping detailed records in your CRM is so important!)

You can even take it a step further and give them a personalized gift, like custom stationery or a coffee mug with their initials on it. The best customer gift ideas demonstrate how much you value the relationship. Get creative and the thought and effort will certainly be appreciated.

3) Build a Better Gift Box

The gift you send matters, but don’t underestimate the value of attractive, impressive or creative packaging to delight your recipients. You can go the DIY route and channel your inner Martha Stewart with a hand-built gift basket, or you can take advantage of the many services that do the work for you.

A few options that put a new spin on the traditional gift basket:

  • Greetabl offers “tiny, delightful, surprisingly special” miniature gift boxes with modern packaging design.
  • Happy Box Store lets you build a gift box or choose from pre-built, curated boxes.
  • Boxfox specializes in sophisticated, elegant gifts and packaging with a “no kitsch” promise.

Whatever route you choose, make sure to tailor your gift box/basket using any details and preferences you know about your client.

4) Make It Practical

Chocolate, cards and fun gifts are all safe bets, but sending something practical has benefits too. Consider a gift that your client will use in their everyday life. That way, they’ll think of you every time your gift makes their day slightly better or easier. The brand-boosting effect is doubled if the gift has your logo on it.

Practical gifts could include:

  • Handy tech items like portable chargers or wireless earbuds.
  • Items that make working from home easier and more comfortable.
  • A high-quality face mask that’s actually stylish.
  • An ultra-plush blanket to make staying home a little cozier.
  • Kitchen tools like a nice wooden cutting board or a sturdy wine bottle opener.

The possibilities are nearly endless. By giving a practical gift that a client can use, you’ll be remembered in the months following this holiday season.

5) Give the Gift of Learning

Your clients trust you as an expert in your industry. Do you have a favorite industry-relevant book you know would help your customers? Write a note inside the cover and send it to them. Is there a magazine they could benefit from? Consider buying them an online subscription.

Many people have used the pandemic as an opportunity to learn new skills. Your clients might also appreciate a subscription to an online learning service like MasterClass, where they can learn popular skills from celebrity instructors.

Providing them with true value and information that they will take with them into their personal life or career shows you’re invested beyond making a sale.

Bonus: Just Send a Note Instead

If sending client gifts is out of your budget, never fear: there’s power in a handwritten note. In today’s world of emails, texts, and social media, a handwritten message is rare and meaningful. Taking the time to send handwritten correspondence will make your customers take notice.

There are a few things to remember when sending a handwritten note:

  • Use their name. First names are preferable unless you’re worried about appearing too informal.
  • Be personal. Reference a past conversation, a detail you remember about them or the service you provided them.
  • Stay authentic. Express your genuine, heartfelt gratitude that they choose to do business with you.
  • Talk about the future. Make sure they know you look forward to the opportunity of helping them again.

If you don’t have time to do this yourself (or if your handwriting isn’t the greatest), check out services like Scribeless and Handwrytten that offer done-for-you handwritten notes and cards.

Enjoy the Giving Season

Everyone stresses making a good first impression, but making a lasting impression is equally important. In a season when everyone is sending and receiving gifts, make sure yours stands out. Customer gift ideas don’t have to be big or expensive — they need to be thoughtful above all.

Looking for more great ways to build lasting relationships with customers? Let us help you automate your email and social media marketing!

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