customer gift ideas and tips for the holiday season

Customer Gift Ideas and Tips for the Holidays

We talk a lot about first impressions. We also talk a lot about following up with customers after a sale and continuing to nurture relationships long term. The holiday season is a great time to check in with clients and remind them that you are thankful for their business and their relationship.

This can take the form of a grand gesture, a quick note, or anything in between. As long as it makes them stop for a second and remember you for something other than a business transaction.

Here are five customer gift ideas and tips for the holidays:

1) Handwrite a Note

In today’s world of emails, texts and social media, a handwritten message is rare and meaningful.

Taking the time to send handwritten correspondence will make your customers take notice. Things to remember when sending a handwritten note:

  • Use their name. First names are preferable unless you’re worried about appearing too informal.
  • Be personal. Include something about a past conversation or the service you provided them.
  • Stay authentic. Keep your message short but not to the point of sacrificing genuine gratitude.
  • Talk about the future. Make sure they know you look forward to helping them again.

2) Be Personal

While a generic gift is still appreciated, a gift that shows genuine thought and consideration for the client in particular means even more. Take the time to send a gift to a customer that highlights your attention to detail and personal connection. Is their favorite band in town? Send them tickets! You can even take it a step further and give them a gift personalized just for them, like custom stationery. Anything that demonstrates how much you value the relationship.

3) Send a Treat They Can Share

Do you have a favorite local bakery? Send cookies, but be sure to send enough for the client to share with coworkers or family. It gives them a chance to brag about you and your business. It also allows them to feel good by paying it forward – especially during the holiday season.

I receive cookies from a local bakery every couple of months from my realtor. I always walk around the office sharing with others. Each time I do this I get to explain that my realtor sent them as a thank you. It makes people’s day and keeps this specific relator in mind in case they need one in the future.

-Darien Wildrick, Business Development Manager at OutboundEngine

4) Make It Practical

Chocolate, cards and fun gifts are all safe bets, but sending something practical has benefits too. Consider choosing a gift that your customer will use often in their everyday life, ensuring you’ll be remembered in the months following this holiday season. You can’t go wrong with things like tech items, kitchen gadgets or a nice-quality bag. If it has your logo on it, even better!

5) Educate Them (in a Fun Way)

Do you have a favorite industry-relevant book you know would help your customers? Write a note in the cover and send it to them. Is there a magazine they could benefit from? Buy them a subscription! This way not only are you telling them you care, you’re providing them with true value and information that they will take with them into their personal life or career.


We talk all the time about making a first impression, but making a lasting impression is equally important. In a season when everyone is sending and receiving gifts, make sure yours stands out. This doesn’t have to mean big or expensive — it just needs to be thoughtful.

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Haley Martensen

Haley is the former Marketing & Events Coordinator at OutboundEngine. She was responsible for bringing our events to life and enjoys considering all details, both big and small.